Halloween store … Could it happen? Maybe it has or will

This is my second pure fantasy post.  This is a story not reality.    

It was two years ago that when I first meet Christine.  I was shopping in a Halloween store.   The kind that open and close within 30-45 days of Halloween.   I wasn’t there to really buy anything.  I was just window shopping.  When the salesgirl first asked me if she could help, I told her no.  I was just browsing.  She smiled and went off to another customer.  I went through the racks looking at all the costumes and then through the accessories shoes, jewelry, hair, and underwear.  I returned to the outfit section as my last walk through on the way out.

She approached me from behind and whispered to me.  “I picked out the Shipwreck pirate outfit for you.  I’m dying to see you how you look in it” she exclaimed in a really fun but low voice.  I stammered that I wasn’t looking for me.  She chuckled and said relax lighten up it’s Halloween. We were right by the changing room.  She took me by the arm and literally whisked me into the changing room.  It happen so fast, it was less than 30 seconds and I was in the dressing room by myself holding the Shipwreck pirate dress behind the closed drapes.  She told me her name was Christine and that when I changed to call her in to check the fit.  Now, the reader knows why I didn’t resist but still I was stunned by the whole thing and the speed of it. 

feminized submissive dress

feminized submissive dress

I very nervously changed into the Pirate dress and told her I was changed.  She discreetly pulled back the drapes and slipped inside.  She has an awesome look of satisfaction.  Christine told me, I looked adorble.  She talked fast and was so playful, sexy, and very alluring.   She asked me if I was married.  As quickly as no came out she had me also acknowledging that I was not engaged and didn’t have a current girlfriend. Her bubbly personality was infectious, she told me to move to the side a little as she opened the drapes.  She quickly pulled my pants and shirt off the hook and left.  As fast as she did, she parted the drapes a little bit and stuck just her smilingly face in.  “I’ve always wanted to dress a man up like a pretty girl.  I need to pick out your accessories…I’ll be back” she chuckled.

It seemed like forever until she came back.  I told her I was.  She started off and handed me a pair of red ruffled panties, followed by a red garter belt, black fishnet stockings,  a long curly blonde wig, a red ruffled petticoat, a gold necklace, and gold bracelets.  She then asked me my size/boot size.  I told her I could not wear all the accessories she gave and she said it wasn’t a request or a choice at this point.  If I didn’t want to, she paid for the dress personally because that leaving the store in the dress would be my only option. She would mail me back my pants/wallet.  I said she couldn’t be serious.  She peeked into the dressing point, laughed, and happily said she was very serious and she wanted my boot sizes.  She returned with a pair of 4.5″ inch heel boots.  After I changed, Christine checked the fit quickly had me on the cell phone camera and told me that I’d be coming to store Halloween party at a restaurant and then to another party she was going to.  

Well, that was two years ago and the very beginning for me.  Within a month panties, stockings, pantyhose and bra’s became an integral part of my attire and my relationship with Christine was awesome despite the fact that she was much younger. When I met Christine, she was 20 and I was 32.   As a submissive, Christine had me unable to resist my feminine desires and now completely totally obedient to her.  She told me this Halloween would test my desire to serve her as a total feminized submissive.

What is that?

Send me some comments if you have any fun, naughty suggestions


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