Forced feminization or helplessly feminized ?

A short little blog entry.  

How do you know your helplessly feminized?

You wear very feminine panties daily – all the time 24×7.  You’re wearing sheer stockings or pantyhose for at least 8 hours a day – every single day.  There is no longer any question that you’ll be wearing them.  You’re actually totally helpless to resist dressing this way because it so excites you so much and really turns you on.  

You want to wear a pretty dress, nightgown, makeup and high heels every week.  You now personally shop for your female attire in Victoria’s Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood, Prom gown stores, and Bridal outlets.  You also shop in a local NY lingerie boutique where they know you and address you as your girls name.  You now only shop wearing ONLY total feminine undergarments; panties, garter-belt, stockings, bra, ankle bracelets, and nightgown under your male clothes.  Not even male socks allowed under the pants.  

You are now starting to wear pantyhose to work occasionally as well as sleep occassionally in a pretty nightgown, bra’s and breast forms.  

Yes…I’m helplessly hooked and although free to resist, quite unwilling to resist.  I love it to much.

Yes – Helplessly Feminized


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  1. This is loney Galey i like to be someone sissy male maid al the time and make me to do all thhe things she told me to do

  2. If you had started working with mistress Samantha months ago, you’d be helplessly feminized as I am now. Mistress never has to spend her time telling me to get dressed. She has turned me into a girl. I can no longer resist my need to wear panties, stockings, nightgowns. I’m her slave girl now.

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