Man dressed in Fredericks of Hollywood store by female staff

I went clothes shopping today; so girly and wonderful.   I will share my experiences later on.

I ran across across something I wanted to share.

I live in a location where there are two Fredericks of Hollywood stores within 30 minutes of each other.  It was at the second one where I was going through just before going home.  I passed by the store on my way to Victoria’s Secret.  My impression was, the woman running this store (1) didn’t look very happy (2) didn’t have very friendly body language and (3) was dressed rather bland.   The exact contrast of the woman at the  Fredericks of Hollywood store I shopped at.

After Victoria’s Secret, I went into the store.  The woman was gone.  Ah, but as I was browsing through, the door to the dressing room was slightly ajar.  Inside was a man in stockings as she was tightening the back laces to the corset. I quickly moved away before they saw me.  I browsed through the bra’s and kept my back to the dressing room door.  Ultimately, the woman came out and went behind the counter asking if she could help me.  Well frankly my impression from passing by was correct and I can add (4) not very articulate (5) didn’t have a friendly tone and (6) clearly wasn’t a model of caution/precision.  I browsed for another 2-3 minutes and I left.

What are you crazy?  The cross dressers fantasy come true and you left without seeing if she would work with you?  I was very happy for the “man” inside the dressing room, she was probably living a dream come true.  A year ago, I would have jumped at the opportunity.  But now, why would I want be dressed by a woman who wasn’t happy, friendly, dressed bland herself, wasn’t articulate, and was frankly rather sloppy at protecting this girls privacy?  I’ve been totally, completely spoiled by Mistress Samantha who I serve as a feminine submissive.  I’ve experienced the best.  I so adore Mistress Samantha.

That set me to thinking about the last year and frankly to the typical chat interaction on a place like  When I explain my interactions are via email, IM, webcam, and phone many say they want to do it for “real”.  How interesting.  They would probably have killed to have that woman wait on them and take them into dressing room for a real experience.  I walked away quite happy because I’m only interested in something real.  The something real is my time with Mistress Samantha.

You see what makes something real is not whether it gives you submissive jollies that you can wank off to.  Nor is it, some one time experience with a woman you’ll never met again so that you can have fun replaying in your mind time and time again.  I call this fantasy fulfillment while many call it real. 

No, what is real is a relationship that meaningful changes you, your relationships with family, and the way you approach life.  It is not the fact that the woman is observing you in a dressing room or observing you with a webcam.

I’m so blessed with Mistress Samantha and how she had provided the outlet, the guidance, the knowledge, the insight, and the wisdom that has so freed the girl inside.  Thank you Mistress, you are wonderful.

I fully encourage others to start interacting for real with a relationship.

Guess who I recommend? 


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  1. Much appreciated for the information and share!

  2. Alkaaazam-information found, problem solved, thanks!

  3. That’s 2 clveer by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

  4. Why does this have to be the ONLY reliblae source? Oh well, gj!

  5. I am a Mistress and I now work ata Fredrick’s of Hollywood in the parks mall in Arlington Texas. I would be happy to dress a ill Sissy…..

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