Changing Your Feminized Submissive Life : Part 1

Does this sound familiar? You don’t know why but it exists.  You get turned on by dressing in women’s or girls clothing.  You’ve tried to resist it but you cannot.  You give in.  You may even feel ashamed and guilty afterwards.  You stop for awhile, the desire subsides, but it comes back.  So the cycle continues.  Inside is a continual internal conflict.  You know you are not gay but the world will not judge you that way.  Most would assume you are.  You’ve never found a female who can relate to this.    They don’t  exist.  You’re all alone and you continue to hide these desires.  

Maybe you have revealed them to another woman, maybe a girlfriend, a female you know, your wife etc.  No they don’t accept it or have an interest in it.  Maybe they even denigrated you.

Perhaps,  it’s even worse.  You are a submissive that what to be under her domination and control also.  Oh no, two strikes against you.  You are alone.  

Maybe you reach out to other woman on the internet, a professional dominatrix they immediately assume you want to suck a big black cock or do forced-bi.  No you don’t but they will not listen.  Then what men in dresses do, these “professionals” are the expert and they have decided that for you.   Maybe you call a woman who you think will relate to you on the phone.  It is a very surface interaction at best.    Many of these professional experts are not expert in anything but are simply in it for the money. No that approach doesn’t really work either.  This makes it even worse.  

It’s a lonely isolated battle and you fight the war alone.  Your world becomes some fiction sites, other people’s fantasies to sustain you.  You try the visual world on the internet.  You satisfy yourself for the moment but the cycle starts again.   You begin to think, you are totally alone.  Then maybe you go to a cross dresser chat site and you begin to think the only ones who can relate to are other cross dressers.  They are the only ones who will relate to you.  Your a gender onto yourselves, that’s your future.   Pure BS but as you struggle for some crumb of acceptance, you’ll almost do anything.  Every human being needs acceptance.  So you’ll change to get it, there is no other choice anymore.  You are going right down the toilet without any hope of help.  You’ve lost your will to fight or don’t know how to.  

How do I know this?  I’ve lived at least some of  these things  and been in the continual cycle.  I’ll bet if you drop the fantasy mode for a minute, you either have also or are living it now.  If you haven’t, I frankly don’t believe you.  Be honest with yourself.  The fantastic news is now upon you. Now that you’ve read this blog entry, those days are over.  From this very moment on, we’re going to turn this thing completely around.  

Okay, are you ready to change, is enough finally enough ?  I broke the cycle and so can you.  I’m a wonderfully happy submissive feminized servant to a dominant REAL female.  By getting rid of the internal war, my relationship with my wife is much better, I’m a better father and better business leader.  YES, every aspect of my life has improved and IT CAN FOR YOU ALSO !!!!  YES, YES, YES it can.  

But if you think it can happen without investing time and resources, then just go away and jerk off because that’s all your interested in at the moment.  When have you ever improved your education, your health, your financial assets, your spiritual well being or anything in your life without the investment of your time and some resources? NOTHING in life comes for free without hard work and investment.

Yes, your submissive dreams await you.  Yes, you are going to be feminized.   Yes, you are going to find acceptance by females.  You are also going to improve your overall life and all around you.  You can have it all.  I’m experiencing it and will be sharing  with you how I did it in future blog articles (Parts 2 and beyond of  Changing your feminized submissive life).   

Oh, you going to be such a pretty, helpless slave girl to a female and trust me, that is now your future if you willing to want it enough to invest some time and resources.  If not, oh well.  Bookmark this page, you’ll be back eventually unless you decide to just let yourself get flushed down that toilet and go down without a fight.  You now know you know it can be done….COMMIT TO GET IT DONE !!!  

Take the first step read this blog entry to start living your dreams




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