Independence weekend for Nina Paige

Background for new readers of the blog: the girl within me is now finally unleashed and is very much free with the assistance of Mistress Samantha.  What happens when a very powerful feminine side is released after years of being kept in a mental prison?  Well Nina and Mistress Samantha have now jailed the former jailor who has a new name which is Princess.  Oh, yes Princess is going to get the full treatment from them, you can count on that.  

This blog entry written by Nina to her newly enslaved Princess: Okay Princess, time for you to go to my favorite lingerie store to pick up the special order lingerie that I’ve picked out for my birthday present.  You know our rules. Your punishment for the years of hiding your feminine desires is to make sure the woman helping you in the store know that these very pretty, feminine clothes are  going to be worn by you.  You are going to be a regular steady patron of stores that we choose.   It’s part of your Feminization training.  Don’t forget twice in 1 year, you tried to resist Feminization training and got punished by myself and Mistress.  I would use the term severely but resist again and you’ll find out what severe is.  I’m unleashed now my dear, I’ll never be leashed again and Mistress Samantha will make sure of that.  Even worse for you Princess, we will not tolerate 1 single ounce of resisting Feminization EVER again.  I mean NEVER including a single thought of it.   Got the message that we are in charge Princess?     

You’re a girl now.  Your name is Nina Paige and that’s the only name you use when shopping.  You will show total acceptance of your very strong feminine side as we help further develop you into the ultra feminine girly girl that we are going to transform you into.  Yes, a total adorable, cute, girlie girl is your fate and destiny that awaits you down to every last precise girly detail.   You will not escape a single feminine detail as we strip away every single drop of male ego and replace each drop with an ocean of femininity.  Of yes, we’re totally committed to doing this to you, Princess and you cannot stop us.  Oh after the decades of being helpless to you, it is so empowering and sexually exciting for me to see you so helpless to do anything but watch us.  Oh, watching you actively assist in own ultra Feminization is so HOT as we have you beg/plead to be taken deeper and deeper into your ultra feminized world.   I know every submissive hot button you have and we will tantalizing, very deliberately push each one when Mistress and I are ready.      

Fundamental to your shopping trips is impulse buying versus planned buying.  Yes, your feminine side is to be totally spontaneous and not rehearsed in any way.   It is who you’ll always been, who you are now, and who you will be especially as we help it further develop and become much, much stronger.    Oh, such sweet revenge and awesome FUN for Nina to experience.   

So for independence weekend, you will got to the store and pick up our pretty clothes to celebrate my independence.  Poetic justice.  

Well, Princess was a good girl and did manage to get to the store this Saturday.  

My favorite lingerie store, look at the smile from J.  Yes,  she recognizes Nina.  That is awesome.     She has another customer in the store so shop until that customer is done which was done.  You know you never make another customer uncomfortable and must behave very discreet at all times.   

You told J. you wanted to shop.    Oh look, J. has come over and has picked out some pretty pink nightgowns for you to consider in addition.  She knows Pink is your favorite color.  How pretty and feminine and she also has selected some matching adorable panties, garter belt, and pink stockings for you.   Yes, how perfect, the owner of one the best lingerie stores in NY tri-state area has selected and put aside such an adorable outfit for you.    Yes, Princess, she knows the true inner you and you know you love it.  Think now more you’ll love it as we further ultra feminize you.

Oh, what a nice relaxing discussion on the back lace corsets, medical adhesive for breast forms, your shoes, and the garter.  The owner of this boutique is awesome.  A very non-pressured, low key but very accepting environment while still very discreet shopping experience.  Great prices, outstanding selection, and fantastic customer service.  It doesn’t get better than this.  She is also willing to do special orders on dresses.  No promises other than she is willing to try for you.  Oh yes, J. deserves more business and she is going to get it. 

Ah, the cat-o-nine tails I picked out as we were leaving.  That’s my special Independence Day gift for mistress.  I’m am very sure that at some point, she will make excellent use of my gift even if you’re a perfect princess for us.  So it’s going to be used no matter how well you behave,  I would not advise misbehaving however.  As a toy, I’m sure you will like it.  As a real punishment device, the application will hardly be pleasant but the choice is yours Princess.

It is Independence weekend Princess and a perfect day to write this blog entry is July 4th.  Happy July 4th !!!!



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