Mistress has decided to post my shopping pictures

Mistress has decided that my shopping adventure (see blog below for my article) PICTURES are to be published for the world to see.  She also included some additional details.  Oh, I love being a feminized slave girl to Mistress Samantha



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  1. After our Wednesday evening session, I am now sure that posting your shopping photos was the only proper move on my part. Just wait until everyone gets to see pictures of you at various stages of preparation and dress on your way to slipping into that lovely and incredibly feminine coral prom dress! Seeing you with those defined curves -your breast forms and gorgeous corset enveloped in that dress- will display what a magical and incredibly feminine transformation you underwent. The photo comparison will be amazing!

  2. Misstress yr slave need. to help me become a slave to text so i can lean how to serve a mistress like u email. tranning. so. ican fully perform as i should for a dom couple or any one who becumes my ower yr pantie need hekp

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