Public Fitting in Ultimate Fashions store in NJ mall

Mistress and you have picked out your new pretty dress on Internet.  A Sherri Hill prom gown to wear for her.  Ah, but before you wear it, you have to pick it up which is PUNISHMENT TO FIT THE CRIME and RE-ENFORCEMENT time. 

PUNISHMENT TO FIT THE CRIME : For suppressing, denying and hiding the feminine side, you have to pick it up in stores and be fitted by the woman at the store (no cross dressing boutiques real women’s shops only).   It is now reversed you have to express, acknowledge and display not suppress, deny and hide in front of females but only those accepting of it.     

RE-ENFORCEMENT : The girl inside of you HAD to do only what you wanted, she had no say at all.  That also is now reversed.  The biological male inside now will do what SHE wants, there is no longer any say that “he”(using that term quite loosely) has in the matter.  Shopping in stores for clothes is such a re-enforcement of her new role.  Of course, if you read prior blogs, my underwear is always feminine at this point because she likes it that way and she gets what she wants.  

Well, I found a wonderful store in Woodbridge NJ – Ultimate Fashions with a store owner very willing to sell me the dress and fit me.  I did the special order by phone.  Oh, somebody had to give out their credit card name.  LOL  Even better when I looked up the address, it was inside of a very large mall.  Even more LOL.  

The owner Laura gave me permission to post her real store name on the blog.  The store had a wonderful store manager who was there the whole time. 

Ultimate Fashions in Woodbridge NJ mall

Ultimate Fashions in Woodbridge NJ mall (

Some highlights of the shopping.  I arrived wearing panties, and pantyhose under my pants with a PC case.  Inside was my waist cincher, bra, breast forms, wig, and high heels.  My corset had not yet arrived.  I changed in my undergarments and wig.  Slipped on the dress.  Laura helped me zip it, tie it and then at my request took a few photo’s.  One day, they may be posted if Mistress decides on her website.

Laura and I talked about my name preference, how often I brought dresses, she placed my size into her records and then we went through her books of lovely dresses from all the manufacturers.  I specifically asked about bridal gowns and yes she carries them all.

Did we talk about things like my being a submissive to woman?  No, it never came up.  She did tell me of a beautiful woman shopping with a man.  The sales staff in the store did not know she was a biological woman but the owner knew it.  Did I tell her I’d never be with a male that I’m all girl all the time and if it were same sex it would be girl-girl?  No, it didn’t seem appropriate.  Could I have made up a story for this blog?  Of course, but this blog is all real world (except for 1 entry clearly identified…Aunt Samantha). This is real world feminine submission not fantasy fulfillment.  Believe me, real world is so much better.   

A public thank you so much Laura and thank you to the store manager.  Yes, I know her name but I didn’t get her permission to post it.  I wish I did but I didn’t and a submissive does not do things like that without a woman’s permission.  The standard of behavior is to be 100% of the time as if Mistress is standing next to me.  

Oh, I so love that the feminine side is released and free.  I’m so much more complete a person and much happier.  As for my former jailer who Mistress and I have given the name “Princess”, we are just starting with you my dear.  You’re going to get the complete, total treatment…it will be ultra feminine…and it’s from now on… LOL, LOL, LOL and LOL some more.   Sweet justice for you my dear…be careful what you ask for…you wanted to be submissive to females and now you are  !!!     


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  1. Ultimate Fashions and their staff were very glad to have helped you. This store is all about satisfied customers. We are all about our excellent customer service. Please come back and visit us anytime. We rely heavily on customer recommendations to further improve our business.
    Sincerely Yours.

  2. Victoria Darling

    Oh the very first time I went to Mall to buy a sexy feminine dress was intoxicating. Dressed as a male looking over very girly dresses was amazing and felt quite liberating too. A gorgeous peach ruffled dress with black bow was the one I wanted, walking it to the checkout counter was indescribable! The sales lady smiled as she placed a clear cover over it so all can see what I bought and the girl in me was very proud. Victoria at

  3. Great story. All sissies love to read stories like that. The only thing that would make it better is if you had panties and a bra on. You could have very easterly let the sales lady know by opening your shirt or taking your jacket off. Use to do it all the time, a bra is difficult to hide.
    Love Cindy

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