Miss Prissy’s public display or a feminized male slave gets a taste of her future

I was very surprised to learn this morning, when I awoke, that Mistress had decided it was time for me to be DISPLAYED to the entire world.  In the true dynamics of dominance/submission, you find yourself asking Mistress to make you more feminine, asking her to help you become more submissive, and asking her to teach you more obedience.  Indeed you will beg/plead with her to do so because you love it so much.   As your submissive, feminine desires grow Mistresses dominant desires awaken as much.  You move more rapidly in femininity and submission so unwilling to resist anymore. So turned on you crave it even more – totally free and willing but also unable to be anything but what you’ve always been – submissive to females.   Yes, you’ll beg like I do and love it as much.  Make no mistake – I LOVE IT AND BEG FOR MORE.  

Please Mistress Samantha, I’m a submissive to you and to all females. I want to be dominated, controlled, punished, and embarrassed. I’m totally wired to female domination and so need to be dominated by females.  Please Mistress Samantha, I beg you for much greater levels of female domination.  I’m now a girl who wants every ounce of “male” pride, ego and dignity stripped away as I’m am made more feminine.  Please Mistress  Samantha I beg you for you for further and much deeper levels of  Feminization. I crave more obedience to you.  Please Mistress Samantha – teach me more obedience and turn me into your personal property – it is what I really want.

Here is the link to my public display that Mistress Samantha has decided to post on her site


Yes, readers this is very, very real.    True submission and dominance  on public display


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  1. You should well know by now, my dearest Nina, that Mistress is full of surprises – and we both know in no uncertain terms that Mistress has every intention of leading you down that path to a deeper and richer sense of feminization and submission than you could ever have imagined. I have always had such plans for you, and my ideas for your feminine future simply grow with each and every day. You want it, I want it, and now our new little Miss Princess wants it as well! My! How things can change, can’t they, Princess??? And we’re still only getting started…

  2. Oh, I well know mistress…..From the day I first interacted with you, you were clear what my fate would be. The whole world is to see and watch me beg for all forms of female domination ( spankings, bondage, CBT etc.). Yes, please mistress I beg you for total female domination. I so crave female domination. The whole world is to see and watch me beg for more, more Feminization. Yes, please Mistress much deeper levels of Feminization. I am a girl now and I want to be so much more girly and feminine. The whole world is to see and watch me beg for more obedience until your will totally super-cedes mine. Yes, please mistress I want to be your complete total personal property.

    Of course, the readers of this blog don’t have to see and watch, they can experience it. All they need to do is call you, put their dress on and get on their knees also. They can see and watch or they too can do.

  3. My secretary Nina needs to jaunt over to http://fetishvixen.com/forums/forum/crossdressing-sissification-and-feminization-paradise/ and introduce herself on the new CD forum…

    Nina, I do fully expect you to be a leader in this forum and encourage others like you to jump in and become involved. After all, urges and longings to express one’s femininity and make an effort to at least create a sense of reality within the fantasy comes only from putting one’s thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc., out there. YOU now know this better than most, and I expect you to be a shining example of what is possible with effort, commitment, dedication, and work!

  4. This is butch i like to be someone sissy male maid all the time and make me to all thyngs u an told and make me to do lots of kinky things to well i am tie up and blindfold and gag to.

  5. ah yes…forced feminized and female domination. I used to describe myself this way also. You should go to mistresses website and send her an email and/or introduce yourself on her forum. You can never have these things unless you invest some time with a woman who really understands them

  6. Your secretary has introduced herself and she will be a leader on your new forum. Yes I will be a shining example of what is possible via work and effort and just as important to let others know how deeply fulfilling, fun, and exciting this is. For the hard work you get GREAT fun, it just takes awhile !

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