The really powerful woman or mistress

Study the picture carefully.   “He” is wearing lipstick, mascara, stockings, high heels, garters attached to the stockings, as she tightly cinches “him” into a back laced corset.  “His” hands and legs are helplessly bound.  “He” cannot stop her.  Another woman reaches for the wig that they will place on their feminized slave.  Powerful dominant women, correct?  Before you decide that let’s study the next picture. 

Feminization of a male submissive is one of Mistress Samantha's favorites.

Feminization of a male submissive is one of Mistress Samantha's favorites.

Study it carefully.  “He” is wearing a dress, lipstick, eye makeup, and “his” hair is styled.  She looks on amusingly as she opens the closet to show “her” all the pretty clothes that “she” he has.  There is no overt forcing here just like the background photo on this blog.  

Feminized submissive in "her" dress as Mistress watches on.

Feminized submissive in "her" dress as Mistress watches on.

Which woman is the more powerful woman?  Is it the one who physically forces “him” or the one who understands “his” desires to be a feminized submissive.  The one who never has to force “him” for she knows how to seduce, entice, and excite “him” that “he” cannot stop the girl within from expressing “herself”.  “She” cannot resist putting on “her” pretty panties, bra, dress, high heels, makeup, and wig because “she” loves it so much. Yes, I’m such a girl now and trust me it doesn’t wear off.    

Yes, the true power belongs to the woman who knows how to erotically get “him” to put on “her” pretty girls clothes anytime she decides that “she” should.  That woman has the real power and control over “him”.  She never has to demand, to threaten, to order “him”, she has “him” so turned on, so excited, so erotically charged that “he” wants nothing more than to put on pretty panties, sheer stockings, lacy bras. tall high heels and a really adorable dress.  I’m such a girl now and yes I crave more and more of this.  

You will find Mistress Samantha is such a woman.  Her power lies in her knowledge, wisdom, sensuality, and understanding of you.   She’ll never have to force you, you’ll do whatever she wants because you love it, crave it, want it, and can no longer resist it.   If you think about it, this is what you’ve always wanted, to really being under her control, and unwilling to resist her.   True submission to a dominant woman.


   Go to the home page.  Click on the link to her website to start the feminized submissive life you want.    Or you can go to http:\\


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