The 12 commandments (expanded) learned over the last year

  • You are in total chastity to Mistress. You don’t cum unless Mistress let’s you (which she rarely does). If you have sex with your wife, she is to cum NOT you.  The longer you are kept in sexual denial the more submissive and feminine you become-perfect submissive feminine justice being administered to a slave-longer it goes the more you want and need it !!!
  • You don’t touch your cock; because its Mistresses cock now. She owns and possesses it, not you. You wanted to be a feminized slave and now she has fully psychologically, totally and completely emasculated you. Erections now serve to humiliate you-You are helpless to even touch it without her approval and you know that’s unlikely to be allowed.  You have no more need of a cock, it only exists to amuse mistress and torment you.  
  • You’re a girl. You have been given a female name and it is now your real true name. The feminine desires within you are not just unleashed. They are now to be pampered, nourished and allowed to fully blossom. The feminine side is now the dominant side of you. You are a girl psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally-Yes NINA is not just your name, it is who you really are and the side that suppressed you will pamper, cater and serve you for the rest of her(yes-HER) life. 
  • You don’t have a cock anymore, you have a pussy. Your pussy is shaved at all times as a sign of your submissive state.  When Mistress is ready, your pussy will become the source of all sexual pleasure-YOUR ONLY SOURCE. 
  • You will wear woman’s silk/satin lace panties, all the time 24×7 from now on.  Of course, at home they will be ultra feminine with rows of lace, ribbons, and bows.  
  • You will wear stockings and pantyhose every single night and sleep in them.  Sheer, ultra sheer stockings and pantyhose only.  
  • You will do your best to fully complete dress weekly and be displayed for mistress (makeup, high heels, dresses, bra’s, wigs, jewelry etc)
  • During winter months, your toenails will be kept polished in a bright pink color at all times. 
  • You are a submissive to all woman, first your wife, second your mistress, third Nina and fourth to all other woman. Whether it be a stranger, or a woman in the store, you will be polite, respectful and yes even obedient to her. Anything else, is disrespectful to female domination and superiority.  Yes-whatever any woman suggests, tells you or you sense will please her-YOU MUST DO.  Your a slave to all females.  For all woman that you met from now on you are to immediately mentally address her  with”Hi, I was born to serve females as a slave, please let me be your slave”.  
  • You will personally shop for all your feminine clothing in woman’s stores ( not cross dressing boutiques) and the women in the store MUST BE TOLD these all YOUR clothes or you cannot buy them and buy them you must. Your punishment for sneaking and hiding your desire to wear womans clothes is to admit it. These are your pretty, feminine clothes that you are picking out to wear because you love dressing this way-the woman must know that now.  No more hiding and suppression.  
  • You are now Mistresses personal property, signed into contractual submission and videotaped as the girl you are agreeing to the total feminine submissive state you desire.
  • You will maintain a blog of your feminine submission as a public display of your submission.  The blog will be honest for all to see your progress.  

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