Nina’s trip to dress store – Its a bridal boutique (Part 4 of 5)

I had more time than I needed before the store opened. I went to a mall which was 20 minutes from the dress store. I arrived at 09:30am. The stores opened at 10am. The mall had both Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood. I waited for Frederick’s to open. All the stores opened on time except this one. I went down to Victoria’s Secret at 10:04am. I walked in and started to look. A sales assistant came over and asked if she could help. Well, time was short. I told her I was shopping for myself and knew exactly what I wanted. She seemed speechless for a split second as I went on talking telling her I was looking for strapless bra’s. I explained to her that it couldn’t be a deep plunge and that on their website they had a perfect one called the minimizer. She completely regained her composure and took me to show me all the strapless bra’s she had in stock. We both agreed that they would not work for me. She told me she was sorry but feel free to come back again.

Went to Macy’s. They had an almost perfect bra for a strapless and I was just about to buy it. But I decided to wait and see if I could wear a strapless dress and also if the dress store had a bra that would work with it. The dress store deserved the business but I found a good backup plan without doing mail order. I left the mall at around 10:25pm

The store opened at 12 noon. My special appointment was for 11am. I arrived at the store at 10:45am and parked in the lot. It was definitely closed but I tried the door anyway. I went back to the car. At about 11:05am, a woman arrived. I was beginning to believe she would not show up. No doubt they get contacts like this and the men never show.  She walked to the rear of the store and unlocked the front door.

I reached into the back of my car and got my personal computer case and went inside the store.

When I entered the store, she was on the phone with somebody. I immediately sensed that she may be nervous and didn’t want to have me there with at least not having somebody on the phone. I politely asked if she like me to wait outside for a few minutes and she said no. I sat down on the chair. I could hear her say, she would see somebody in 5 minutes. This confirmed to me she may be nervous. Smart girl, she doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall and she is being careful. Good for her !!!!   I like her judgment already.  I’m not good at ages, I’d guess she was in her mid 20’s.

When she hung up, I asked again if she wanted me to wait outside and she said no. She asked to come over to the dresses and asked if I knew what I wanted. We introduced ourselves. Her name was Jennifer(it started with J…I’ve changed it for the blog to ensure discretion). I used my male name although they knew me as Nina from the emails. I was a little surprised I did expect Rebecca or Sharon ( also the first letters correct…I’ve changed their names also)

I started off explaining that I had never done this before but quickly changed that “What I mean is I’ve been wearing dresses since I was 10 years old. I love wearing dresses. What I meant is I’ve never shopped for one with a saleslady knowing it’s for me. So I’m not quite sure not to describe it other than it being pretty and feminine which probably isn’t a really helpful way to describe it. This is a real first for me” I sincerely and calmly elaborated. Well that seemed to do the trick, she calmly smiled and said “Well, this is a first for me also, so we will learn together”.

She asked if I knew my dress size and I told her that a XL in junior seemed to be a reasonable fit but other than that, I wasn’t sure. She then asked about my choice of styles.

Now, in the prior blog entries I described the store as a dress store and it certainty is. The name of the store (modified slightly again for discretion) was The Bridal Palace. Yes, this was a store that carried bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, prom gowns, evening gowns, and special occasion dresses. Now, initially I wanted to buy a bridal gown but frankly as I thought about it, that would be over the top. Yes one day I want to wear a bridal gown but that needs Mistress Samantha’s permission first and why rush? Remember this is the first of several shopping trips planned. I described it as a prom dress and told her I have always wanted to wear a strapless gown but it had to be the right dress that didn’t show cleavage. She asked the colors and I told her I was open but had a preference towards pink. She showed me a few gowns and lead me to the dressing room bringing several gowns with her. She had an extra large room with mirrors. She told me when I had the gown on to call her and she’d zip me in and help me with the fit.

Inside Nina was glowing and thinking oh how perfect Princess.  You used to keep me so tightly leased and bound up.  Now you’re wearing pretty panties and panty hose over your bright pink toe nails. In your carry case is your white bra, white high heel pumps, white satin corset, silicone breast forms and your curly blonde wig. You’ve just told the salesgirl you’ve been wearing dresses since you were 10 years old and love wearing dresses. You’ve told her you always wanted to wear a strapless gown and now when you try it on, she will be helping you. Yes, Princess from suppressing your feminine desires to a quite public acknowledgment and display of your femininity in front of others. Yes, you’re a girl now and you shall be one from now on and you shall show it to others. 

I told her I had a bra in my case but it wasn’t strapless. I asked her if they had bra corsets in stock that I’d need that if we had any hope of strapless working. She smiled and brought me one. It was too tight, so she brought me a larger size. When the drapes were drawn, I removed my clothes and opened the case. Each item is the case was practical. I wanted the breast forms to see the fit in the strapless bra corset, the high heels to check the dress length, the corset to tighten the waistline, and the wig to match the color of the dress. Of course, panties are something I now always wear and the pantyhose because I love to wear stockings. So I guess the stockings were just for fun !

I slipped on my first gown and told Jennifer I was ready. She drew back the curtain. At that point, I did not have on my heels. She helped me zip and adjust the back. It was not a good fit. It was also a lace corset type string that you needed to tighten and lace up from behind. We decided that I needed a zipper. She brought back several more gowns and I tried them on. Each time asking Jennifer to zip me in which she happily did.

While the trying on was happening, the shop owner Rebecca showed up. She popped in to see me and thought I was going to do a bridal gown. I told her in the future once I earned it ( she did seem a little puzzled).

When I found the first gown I thought was considerable, I asked Jennifer if she could help me get into my high heels which she happily assisted me with. Of course, my pink toenails through my beige nude to toe pantyhose were quite obvious not that Jennifer said anything.

We tried a few more gowns, Jennifer encouraged me to try a lime dress, she said that lime dresses were especially popular with blondes. I told her I really liked the pink one she brought with the lime and choose that as the next dress. Of yes, this was the perfect dress for our first anniversary. The strapless looked really good, it fit well. I really liked the color and pretty decorations on the dress.

Nina's dress

Now was it a long flowing prom gown like a mini-wedding dress? Well, that is what I had mind when I entered the store but this was even better. It was a pretty color, lovely decorated, a formal gown, my first strapless dress and it looked good of me. Jennifer agreed. I turned and smiled and told her this was the dress. She smiled broadly and we hi-fives each other celebrating the selection of my dress.

I changed and we went to the check-out at the front of the store. They wrote up the receipt. Now talk about naive, I knew that Jennifer had clipped a few dresses of the dresses behind me. I thought this one zipped up and fit perfectly. No, I need to go to the seamstress. Rebecca the store owner explained that she worked out of the basement of her home and normally I’d have to go about 3pm but she could take me now. Oh, I get to try my dress on again at the seamstress house. No problem at all.

I asked Rebecca if they have male clients. She said occasionally most never show or setup an appointment.

I went over to the seamstress Debra’s home when I changed in her basement bathroom. Yes, of course, the high heels, bra corset, silicone breast forms, and wig. Debra’s immediately thought I looked very pretty in the dress. She asked another women to come in and hold it tight while she measured me. We setup an appointment for picking up the dress in two weeks. A final fitting.

Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful day. The dream of a lifetime to shop for, buy and be fitted for my own beautiful dress. Heaven !!!

Was I done shopping for today? No, one more stop to go.  I did write a thank you note to the store who informed me if I needed more gowns in the future to let them know


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