Nina final stop – Lingerie store and her public waist cinching (Part 5 of 5)

 Next stop was a lingerie store in NJ.  I had made contact with the owner. She assured me I would be welcome in her store.  

When I got to the store, it was a little busy. I recognized the owner and she was clearly more stunning than her pictures I had seen on the web.  Very, very attractive woman. 

Somebody who worked in the shop asked if she could help me. That person’s English was not that great. I told her I wanted to buy a waist cincher or corset. She didn’t seem to understand but I motioned around my waist and she smiled and went into the back room. She came back with something for a man. I politely smiled and told her that for woman and she now seemed very puzzled and went to the back room.

The owner came over to assist her and understood immediately. Her English was excellent. The first woman returned and handed it to me. No way, it was way too small. The owner asked me if I wanted it tight and I told her very tight and she told the first woman I would need a 42”.( this came from oversea’s – South America and the sizes are very different).  She got that and tried to fit it on my in the middle of the store since the dressing room was busy. Still no way. She went back to look for a bigger size.

Meanwhile the owner finished up with a customer came back and picked up the 42”. She had me lift up my shirt and she pulled the undershirt very tight. Yes, she proceeded to tightly cinch me into the waist cincher the middle of her shop. To do so, she had to get on her knees in front of me and really pull hard as I sucked my stomach into the maximum. She was quite pleased with her work and she said it gave me a little shape. I told her I’d take the cincher.

I then proceeded to the panty rack. They had some very feminine, pretty one size fits all lacy panties. I brought several pairs. The first saleslady asked “for you?”. I smiled back and said yes they were for me.

As I was paying for the order, the owner told me she could special order me a real corset that had the steel boning. She brought it out to show me. On yes, we shall be doing a real steel boned corset soon.

I’m very confident that properly sized the corsetwill be very, very tight especially when I got home and it was totally impossible to get the cincher she sold me in the 2nd row of hooks. The first is tough enough, the second is torment but we all know I love that.

Oh, what icing on the cake after dress shopping. Tightly cinched (which I always dream of ) and fitted in public.

I send her a thank you note also.  


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