Where to shop for my anniversary dress? (Part 2 of 5)

A special occasion dress to demonstrate my feminine growth for Mistress. That is a challenge.

What will really make a statement on my feminine growth over the last year?

Well, personally shopping for it does make a statement. A year ago, I’d never do that. I’d use the Internet. So personally shopping and picking it out makes a statement.

But I want the dress to really fit me. The last one(s), well they kinda fit but not really. It is rather frustrating and a downer to shop for something pretty that really doesn’t fit.  I guess this time I’ll have to commit to returning it if it doesn’t.  I’ll keep trying until it does. It will probably take 2 or 3 times but it has to fit this time.  

What would make it even more of a statement is if I tried the dress on in the store before I brought it. That way it would fit, look pretty and also show feminine growth that I was no longer suppressing my feminine desires.

Yes, that would be awesome but I cannot risk that,

Even if I could get into a dressing room which would be no small feat, what if I were to run into somebody I knew entering or exiting? That would be a big problem. No this is not a risk that I can do. I know the rules of behavior and this would also require mistresses approval.

Well failure is not an option. At least if I cannot do it, the reason should be that I tried and failed, not to assume I will fail.

If I tried to arrange something outside of malls and chain stores via email, what the worst case? Nobody responds.

So emails out to 20 independent stores.  Yes 20 independent stores.

What did the email say?

Do you have any sales staff with willingness to do something a little different?

I’m a middle age man who now dresses frequently as a girl.

Could your store layout accommodate getting me discreetly into a private dressing area and then having several dresses brought in so I could try them on and pick one out?

Obviously the sales staff would know but I wouldn’t want any customers knowing.

Thank you for reading and considering”

Wow I got 4 responses.

Three of them are still too risky but look at this one.


We will open early to accommodate You. We will guarantee discretion. I will work with you or Sharon. Call us or email as to the day you want to come in.

Thank you



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