Nina seizes shopping trip for some revenge (Part 3 of 5)

A few days passed after the email response came in.  Oh, Nina got some ideas.  What an excellent opportunity to get some revenge on Princess for all the years of suppression.

First, if this worked out, this would not be Princesses last trip to this dress store.  Oh no, the goal was this would just be the very first trip.  Princesses may now have a dress store to shop in from now on !!

Second, since the dress had to fit, how could that be done properly unless we handled things like a bust line?  Particularly since Nina wanted to try really shop and try on different styles.   In a dress store before it opened.  Oh yes, that opened up some unique possibilities. 

Third, the opposite of suppression is to be displayed.  Yes, if at all possible Rebecca or Sharon would see Princess in her dress and offer their opinions on color, style, and fit !  From suppression to asking other woman if they think the dress looks good on you.  You’ve been turned into a girl Princess and now you will be publicly displayed (discreetly) as the girl you now are.  

 Sweet, sweet revenge for Nina – an unexpected added bonus for her

If by now you are thinking that these blogs are fantasy, you are dead wrong.  They are 100% accurate expect for the staff’s name at the dress shop and the name of the dress shop.  Part 5 has the real store name and owner because I had her permission to use it.  A lady asks permission for these things.

Other than keeping dress store and staff confidential, it’s 100% real.

On to the shopping day blog but that happens after I wear my dress for mistress.    


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