Real Life submission

It’s been almost a year ago that I met Mistress Samantha.  I am now a girl and so thrilled, pleased, and proud to be one. I’m Nina and I wear panties all the time, dress in pantyhose every day, and keep my toenails polished a pretty pink.  I cannot resist dressing in bra’s, corsets, petticoats, high heels, dresses, fully made up with a wig.  I love it so much and try to dress weekly.   I’m fully devoted to Mistress.

Mistress has told me that she is quite pleased with my progress and we have only just started.  Do I make mistakes?  Of course, I do.  That is real life submission – I do have tons to learn.  Now that may read as mistakes happen that is okay.  OH NO, mistakes are not acceptable especially for submissives

Let’s talk about mistakes.  If a child makes a mistake are their consequences?  If you mistake driving a car are their consequences?  If you make a bad investment are their consequences?  If you break the law are their consequences?  Of course and there should be.  It doesn’t matter whether you were perfect before the mistake that doesn’t allow things to be consequence free.  It may only mitigate the extent to the consequences will impact you.  It cannot and should not erase them.  So with submission do mistakes not have consequences and do they get ignored because you’ve been really good? Well it shouldn’t and with Mistress Samantha it may be but only if that is what she decides should occur.

Mistress has let me know that a few things in my recent behavior are of note.  First she is very happy with my enthusiasm and excitement and wants that to continue or increase.  However, while doing that I need to eliminate some mistakes:

Show better self-control, More self discipline, Stop ignoring importance of following our process which undermines submission, Surrender the veiled attempts to top from the bottom (which Mistress Samantha really dislikes – a hot button for her)

So will their be consequences for my mistakes?  Well, we covered that above.  Maybe it will be a conversation, maybe it will be a small task to perform, maybe it will be punishment ranging from a slap on the wrist to an very significant dose.   I have experienced a light punishment from Mistress Samantha before.  Light was her definition – mine was significant.

If there are consequences they will be done without question, hesitation, and resistance and I will devote 100% effort to perform them perfectly.

One thing everybody should know about Mistress Samantha is that all her actions/decisions will be for your ultimate good and in your ultimate best interest.   The more obedient you are to them, the deeper the level of feminine and submissive bliss.  She is to be totally trusted in all matters and served as a supreme Goddess for she is. I love and adore you Mistress and publicly pledge total complete obedience to you in any and all matters.


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