The Joys of Feminization, Submission, & Orgasm Control: One Year Later

Meeting My Future Submissive Slave Girl Nina: Her Story of Stifled Femininity

About a year ago, I met a very highly strung, anal retentive, perfectionistic control freak, who proclaimed (s)he wanted more than anything to be feminized and treated as a submissive. She told me a story that I hear all too frequently: For years she had fantasized about being a supremely feminine and utterly submissive girl. These girlie desires went all the way back to her adolescence, when she even experimented with self-bondage in an effort to experience those feelings of being dominated and controlled. Despite courageous efforts to explore these yearnings after her marriage to an all-around exceptional woman, my girl’s true femininity and burning desire to submit still remained locked away. The imprisonment and intense suppression of her girlishness would continue for decades. Then she met me…

A Submissive’s Attempts to Top From the Bottom

When I was approached by my future submissive slave girl, she told me she was ready and willing to do whatever it took to allow her feminine self to be freed and expressive. Of course, I was all to happy to help her in this endeavor. Things seemed to have gotten off on just the right foot – until she tried to top me from the bottom and even purge me! I was NOT about to have this! Infractions were outlined, my errant girl was tried in the Court of Mistress Samantha, and punishments were set forth. A contract was also composed, signed by my girl, and even recorded in her own voice. We got back on track and were on our way once again…

From Being Locked Away For Decades to Bursting Forth in Full Femininity

Over the months after her shameful effort to rid herself of my influence and assistance, the progress we made was steady and impressive. Naming as well as official contract signing ceremonies were held, and I now had a pledge of obedience and servitude from my newest submissive Nina Paige. It was astounding how eager Nina was to smash those mental walls of imprisonment that had kept her quieted and hidden in the dark for so long. She was loving every single moment of dressing to the nines for Mistress and presenting herself to me on cam. Throwing her head back and tossing her long golden locks over her bare shoulders -save the little spaghetti straps of her sexy feminine attire- has always been a very enjoyable experience for our Nina, who also thrives on modeling for me. That burning desire to express her femininity has evolved into a veritable inferno – and I simply fan those now-growing-out-of-control flames.

Spankings and Chastity: The Joys of Turning the Table on the Former Tyrant Princess

Now, Nina may be reveling in her femininity and ecstatically wallowing in her increasing submission, but she also has another focal point as well: Justice… You see, Nina Paige has decided that Princess (her formerly macho control freak persona) will be surrendering to and joining our journey of full feminization and submission – or else! To that effect, Nina has grinned with great satisfaction in seeing Princess having MY cock and balls spanked vigorously with a wooden-handled and a plastic hairbrush until they were stinging ferociously and mighty uncomfortable. Nina has also administered her own ass-blistering to Miss Princess, photos of whose rosy red backside can be seen in an earlier blog entry. Nina also derives great pleasure in my keeping little Miss Princess locked in chastity at my will and forbidding any and all forms of (even remotely!) sexual touching of my girlie jewels, which Princess is only carrying for me. It would certainly seem that payback may well be on its way to being hell…

Up-and-Cumming: Days of Strap-on, Penetration, and Full Girlie Service

Now that some degree of justice and retribution are being delivered to our former tyrant Princess, my precious Nina is on full throttle, chomping at the bit to do all of her shopping in public, be a model of femininity as much as possible, and sink into deeper enslavement to me. She has just recently picked up some silicone breast inserts (affectionately known as “the girls”) and will be showing me her brand new, curvier, more luscious figure very soon. Also, on our to-do list are some activities that will amuse and please me greatly. Nina will be learning to kiss, touch, lick, and service my strap-on cock, giving impeccable head as I expect my submissive girlie girl to very naturally do. She will also be learning how it feels to be on the receiving end of a cock, as I have her pussy penetrated and enthusiastically pounded. Yes. Make no mistake: My Nina will do more than just look like the perfect girl; she will behave and BE my perfect girl!

Get ready, my dearest Nina and prissy Princess! During our second year, we are going to go even DEEPer into submission and femininity that you have yet to imagine…

~~~Mistress Samantha


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  1. When I meet Mistress she said I’d be turned into a girl. Nice fantasy but no that would not happen. My name is now Nina, it is my real name. I wear silk panties all the time since 10/1/2010 and pantyhose at least 8 hours every day. My toenails are now kept in pretty pink nail polish. I’m unable to stay out of a dress and feel totally compelled to dress this way once a week. Not just a dress but bra’s, corsets, petticoats, high heels, makeup, wig and jewelry. I now only personally shop for my clothes and yes the salesgirl must know they are mine. I want them to know that. What perfect justice for suppressing femininity and for daring to doubt mistresses power, to be turned into a girl and crave more…much more….

    I no longer have physically access to my former crowned jewels and my pussy awaits my mistresses attention. I have not be given permission to have an orgasm since 10/1/2010. Oh, put the feel of silk and tight pantyhose every night is pure joy and perfect torment as I await Mistresses direction. IT FEELS SO GOOD and keeps me coming back for more and more.

    I said I never suck cock and how I eagerly await this training as it will reinforce my feminineness. I am not only a girl but I’m mistresses devoted submissive eagerly awaiting my next step into being more submissive and feminine.

    Warning : Mistress Samantha’s world is for the serious submissive and she is not to ever be taken lightly.

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