My Mistress and my Wife – Two different women

Unlike my last post which is my only fantasy post, this is back to 100% real.

Yes they are two different woman.  Yes, they know about one another including each others names.  No, they have never spoken.   Yes, my wife is perfectly happy with my having a dominant mistress and that we can thank both of them for.

My wife is not a sexually dominant person.  Naturally Mistress is.  Between them I’m actually in a rather tight vise.  Do I mind that?  No as a submissive I like it.

Here is how the vise works.  Mistress has as my number one rule, obedience to my wife.  It makes perfect sense.  After all, I’m a natural submissive who was born to be under a woman’s control.  That doesn’t mean just sexually, it means everything.  So if I’m not committed to my wife’s obedience how serious am I ?  Well, not very would be the answer.  So, in the last 6 months since seeing Mistress. I’ve become rather obedient to my wife.  Am I perfect, Hardly.  Am I much, much better?  I sure am.

Now, how does my wife feel about Mistresses rule #1 ?  Well, having been married to a control freak her whole life, anybody want to guess?  If you guessed that she doesn’t like, appreciate, and isn’t thrilled with Mistresses rule #1, you are DEAD WRONG.  She is very happy with it.  It is at the point, whenever she sees me slipping even just a little, she tells me I need to call Samantha (she never uses the work Mistress…as I said sexual dominance doesn’t work for her).   My wife has gotten quite direct that things will never go back to the way they were with my attitude and that frankly I had my way long enough, it is time for her to have her way.  Yes, my wife is quite serious when she says this.  She is also quite pleased with my progress and how things have changed for her; all for the better.  Frankly, she is not very tolerant of any back sliding maybe even less than mistress.  She reminds me that I could be rather demanding and intolerant and that she expects no backsliding at all.  She is only applying my standard.   Today, We just developed a code word she is going to use if she sees any backsliding that she doesn’t want.  No, it’s nothing submissive or girly, just a word we’d never use in ordinary conversation to remind me of Mistresses rule #1.  It’s intended to be a helpful device for me.

Now, what about Mistress Samantha?  Well, Mistress Samantha is for serious committed submissive men.  So, if I don’t follow what Mistress wants me to follow then I don’t get to spend time with her.  Could I lie to her and tell her that my wife is happy and seeing benefits when she is not?  I suppose I could try but Mistress would see right through that and then the  consequences would be even greater.  Then I’d also have to live with my wife, who how expects continual approval, and if she doesn’t see it, maybe she will make it more difficult for me to spend time with Mistress.  No, lying would be stupid.

Therein is the vise, which frankly is getting even tighter.  My wife now expects me to be obedient to her  when I’m not she insists I call Samantha because afterwards I always am.  Mistress expects me to make my wife’s life better as the #1  rule and If I don’t I don’t get to spend the time I want in my dress, stockings, and high heels.   It is a self tightening  circle of continual submission.

Could I tell my wife, I want to switch Mistresses and pick one who lets’s me top from the bottom?  Nope.  My wife clearly understands that Samantha is changing me for the better. She also understands that Samantha will regulate me from doing anything  stupid or extreme.   Oh, no.  If Mistress  Samantha goes, I don’t get to play at all, my wife will see to that.  Permission gone.  For you see as far as my wife is concerned, Samantha is the skilled therapist she always suggested that I see.  Was my wife trying to “cure my sexual side”?  Not really.  What did she want to see?  The control freak gone and my more being attentive to her and her needs.  So, as far as my wife is concerned, Samantha is the dream she wanted for those issues are getting better every day. My wife frankly expects it to get even better and so does Mistress Samantha.  Did I really understand what my wife wanted from me?  Not really, I’m just so much more self aware now that I’m Mistress Samantha’s submissive.

What if Mistress tells me to do …… ?

Well, my wife’s attitude is you damn well better do what she tells you-she doesn’t care what it is.  It’s at home and deal with it.  It is want you always wanted, it works for Mistress Samantha and it works for her !

All the girls are very happy including this girl !!


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