Pure fantasy – Stress Relief my fantasy about Aunt Samantha

Okay, I didn’t pay enough attention to my calendar. I will not be able to dress for Mistress Samantha for close to 1 month due to business commitments. What total frustration after some great feminine self realization and picking up my twins. From a submissive high to a dead cold turkey stop. Couple that with 5 months of total chastity on 3/1. Yes, I’m going out of control and I want to play. It is so bad that all I can focus on.  I had to break the obsession, it was affecting my wife indirectly. I took off my panties and panty hose for 2 hours yesterday. That broke the spell. I immediately put them back on for Mistress had trained me better than to lose control.

Now, I don’t focus on fantasies much anymore but I did. I’m happily back in girlish submissive state after focusing on it.

Unlike other items, in my blog, this is pure utter fantasy. I’m not sure Mistress will be pleased with the fantasy, but I’m back in total submissive control by her while maintaining perfect chastity and my wife is good.

Of course, the name of the dominant women is? Drum roll please…oh you guessed, it’s Samantha.


X went to stay with Aunt Samantha and his cousin Sally for the summer. After about 2 weeks, Sally noticed runs in her stockings, her makeup seemed to be less, her panties has a slight stain and at least 2 of her dresses were not hung up properly.  It only happened after X was home by himself. Sally told her mother.

The next day, Sally went out with her friends. Aunt Samantha called X down to the den. She warned him NEVER to lie to her. She began very subtly to talk about one of her daughters dresses; how it was not hung right. He squirmed but claimed no knowledge, lying to her. She keep up the questioning getting slowly specific and pressed him more, more, and more like a skillful prosecutor. Finally, she made him confess that he been wearing Sally’s clothes and it turned him on !

What he didn’t realize is that before coming into the den, Aunt Samantha had turned on the WEBCAM video record on the PC in the corner. The cam was built into the monitor and was barely visible. Aunt Samantha would never tolerate lying and she had warned him of that. The punishment for lying was to teach him a damn good lesson that lying had consequences.  So the video was going to be posted on Aunt Samantha’s Facebook, Sally’s Facebook, a Youtube video and tweeted out via Twitter. It would stay there 2 weeks for wearing his cousin’s clothes without permission (the time he started this was 2 weeks ago) and then 2 weeks for lying to Aunt Samantha. He pleaded for mercy and that he learned his lesson. He’d do anything she wanted but please not to post it.

Aunt Samantha told him to think carefully about what he was saying. To teach him a good lesson, he would never forget, meant other would have to know. It didn’t have to be everybody but it would absolutely have to be others even if that were a handful of people. She cautioned him that if he repeated his promise and failed to follow through, she’d consider it another lie and make the punishment 50 times worse. That meant it would stay posted for original 2 weeks plus now 100 weeks for lying. She gave him the choice, the original punishment or a modified one which would be more severe but in front of less people. He thought about it and repeated to her that he’d do anything she wanted if she didn’t post it. He wanted the modified more severe punishment in front of less people.

Okay, you’ve sealed your own fate. The punishment has been changed and will not be changed back including the ramification of it getting 50 times worse, if you lied. Since you’ve been sneaking into Sally clothes for the last two weeks, you will spend the next 2 weeks dressed as a girl. Then you will spend an additional 2 weeks dressed that way for lying to Aunt Samantha. You will cooperate 1000%-no complaints-no resistance-no objections-just complete total acceptance and cheerful cooperation. Just one tiny slip-up and I put you over my knee lift your dress and give you a bare ass spanking you will not forget and you can plan on that being done with quite an audience present. Then I will double your time dressed this way. Understand?” Aunt Samantha questioned. I told her I did and would fully completely cooperate with no resistance what so ever.

That’s good but make no mistake, you will cooperate, you no longer have a choice. Now when I say spending the next 4 weeks dressed as a girl, I mean continually at all times, including sleeping in nice pretty nightgowns. You don’t have to go outside the house dressed this way but when we have visitors and we will because I will make sure of it, you will be prominently displayed for them. If you have any hopes that it will be in jeans/slacks, you can forget that. During the day, your visible clothes will be dresses, stockings, and high heels. Underneath will vary but will be exquisite and complete at all times; things such as ruffled panties, lacy bra’s, satin slips, tight corsets, waist cinchers, bustiers, garter-belts and full petticoats. Of course, you will be fully made-up at all times, and must refresh your makeup at least every 3 hours. The minimum required will be toe nail polish, long finger nail tips glued on your fingernails with matching polish, lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and rouge. You will be totally shaved at all times and hairless except for the top of your head.  I want you to feel very girlish in your sheer stockings.   You will wear either a necklace, bracelet, clip-on earrings, or ankle chain and sometimes all four at once. You will wear a long curly wig unless we have you take it off while parading you around for our visitors. You will be posed for photographs and be video recorded at least 3 times a day, in the morning, mid-day, and the evening. You will learn how to dress, walk, and do your nails, makeup, and hair PERFECTLY. You will no longer respond to the name X.  Nor will you respond to the adjectives him or he.  Your new and only name now is Rebecca.  You will only respond to the adjectives her or she.  You are now my niece.  Each day, you will be expected to show us that you are more feminine, adorable, and cuter than the prior 24 hours so you will focus, concentrate and work hard young lady.

Now if you decide you want to reach down and pleasure yourself, go ahead, be my guest. You have just provided your own “salad dressing” for your next meal.  It will go on your salad and you will eat every drop of your salad and lick out the bowl.  After you’re done eating, you will accompany me to my bedroom.   You will get on all fours on my bed and slip your hands under your crouch so I can tie them to your ankles pushing your ass high into the air.  I will then chain you ankles to the bed posts so you cannot move an inch.  Then I will change into one of my longest strapon(s).  Get ready for a very deep experience and it may be a long night for you because I will not stop until you produce at least 2x the “salad dressings” for your future snacks.   Now, do you have the complete picture Rebecca? I’d answer it in a way to show your complete, total cooperation young lady? Any questions Rebecca?” Aunt Samantha chided.

Rebecca thought carefully. “No, Aunt Samantha, I understand fully.  Please do this for me.  Thank you for suggesting it”

Good girl, follow me to the bedroom Miss, we have much to do” she laughed.


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  1. It isn’t cool to use the F word too flerey….It doesn’t make you cooler and it doesn’t add anything intelligent to your writing! Cut that out!!!!your F’n cool auntie

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