The “twins” arrived and were picked up

Girls read Cosmopolitan.  One of the articles in February talked about wearing a low cut style to let the “twins” out.    Well, I got the notification that my special order for MY twins have arrived  (see my post on PUBLIC SHOPPING FOR MY SILICONE BREAST FORMS).   So from this point on these shall be called my twins.

I entered the shop, the store owner Jean came from the back room and greeted me by name.  Now, we had exchanged emails.  My name on my emails is my new name – Nina Paige.  When I replied back to her email, I gave her the option of using either Nina or my work name.   Whichever she was most comfortable with.  She greeted me with my work name.

When I first entered the store,  I went over to the racks of stockings and pantyhose. When Jean came from the back room,  said she had the order in the back and as she was about to return-she read my body language perfectly.  Yes, I entered the store in full girl body language.   She asked if I needed help with anything else.  I told her I needed some pantyhose.  She asked what kind and I told her just a traditional pair of black pantyhose.  The closest she had was open crotch.  She said she had size 4.  They would be perfect since they fit 6 ft tall and 200 lbs (I’m 5’10” and 180 lbs).  I took them thinking (not saying aloud),  I’ve never worn this type and now the balls stay in their pretty silk panties whether worn inside the pantyhose or outside.  I thought “good “girl, a new experience relaxed flexible thinking to enhance the feminine experience and offer more options.

She picked up the twins and we went to the counter.  She opened the box and I took them in my hands.  Wow, the weight really surprised me and they felt as I were holding a real woman’s breast.  Awesome, and yes a certain part of my anatomy began to stir.  As she was putting them back in the box, I told her I needed some more panties,  and asked if she had panties in size 7 or large.  She smiled and asked what colors I had in mind.  I told her pink, red, or black were my favorites.  We walked to the rack and she showed me several pairs.  She especially liked the red ones with all the ruffles as being really cute  and recommended those.  I agreed with her, picked the red ruffled panties and the pink ones also.

When we got back to the counter, she had remembered my question about Kali’s teeth.  She said she’d be happy to order that exact model but first she had a substitute that was quite a bit less expensive.  She opened the case by the counter and removed a black band with metal spikes.  She unsnapped it and showed me how it reversed so that the spikes were pointing inward.  As she said, the same exact concept as Kali’s teeth, just not metal and it’s did not lock but it snapped on.  I smiled and said I agreed the same concept and I would take it.  She smiled and began to pack up the order.

Up against the wall behind the counter, were several other toys and I asked if I could look at those and she said of course.  They were a whip and what I would call a flogger.  I picked out the flogger commenting that in her store, I could get into “real trouble budget wise”  She chuckled and  took the new items and rung them up on my charge.   As she was ringing them up, the girl inside of me was running loose. THIS IS EXACTLY THE POINT OF SHOPPING LIVE AS A FIRST PRIORITY BEFORE ANY INTERNET ORDERS-IT OPENS NEW POSSIBILITIES UP LIKE THE CROUCHLESS PANTYHOSE. The instant I got to the counter, I noticed the long sleeved gloves to the elbow, pink satin.    I was resisting the urge but they were really enticing me.  They were almost calling out and seducing me.  

She handed me the charge slip.  As I signed it.  I told her she was going to think I was crazy but I cannot resist the pink satin gloves.  She grinned and said not at all, the gloves were really pretty and felt great to wear.   As she took them down and added them to the order.  She said that with the pink panties and pink satin gloves, she’d really recommend pink thigh high stockings.  The 3 together would look really good.  I said yes and we walked over to the stocking rack.  As she through it, she said.  “Oh..sorry..I don’t think I have a pair that will fit.  The largest pair is for 165 lbs which I don’t think will make it.”  I agreed and told her I needed 185 lbs.

She told me that whatever I shopped in her store, she’d make sure that whatever I picked was the right size.  She told me that more pink thigh stockings would be arrive in the next few weeks.

Here is the pictures of all I brought except for the cock strap that I’m still wearing.

Here is a very close similar to the cock strap.


Reversible snaps so spikes face inward


While she was ringing up the gloves, Jean encouraged me to use special orders at any time for anything I have in mind.  She said that she’s sure she could find it or something similar which may even be a better value.  That way I could “stay out of trouble budget wise” while still having all the fun things to play with.  I thanked her.

She packed the clothes. toys, and my twins in two very nice feminine shopping bags.  When I got to the car, I repacked into my PC case and instead of throwing the bags out I returned them to her instead of stuffing them in the garbage can across the way.  A little nicety to save her some money.

When I got home, mission number 1 was the strap around my cock.  Well Princess decided to go to war again.  Her choice.  Yes, she went to a full hard erection and it hurt, really hurt like HELL.     I know I had to unsnap them, I couldn’t stand it.  Well, Nina wouldn’t stand for that at all.  I didn’t get to physically dress for years, I was denied.  Now, you are to be denied physically exactly as you did to me.  Stop the erection or live with the pain, just as Nina had to experience the “pain” of denial.  Don’t you dare remove it !  This made the erection worse and the pain greater.  Princess was fighting back hard but so was Nina.   Princess was convinced, it would have to be removed if she maintained and increased it.  Princess was wrong ! Princess swore it will be bloody if she didn’t remove it.  Nina would not let her look and said that was Princesses choice and responsibility.  Within about 5 minutes, Nina had her way, the pain and discomfort was too much.  The erection went away.  Several hours later Princess got to check.  No blood, no permanent marks, but still light teeth marks from the spikea.  A device that exerted enough pain to have her change her behavior.

That evening, I send the store an email. Do you have more of the leather straps in stock and if not can you special order them?  The strap had been wrapped around the cock by the base.  One in the center and one at the tip will triple the pain potential for any future disobedience.  Yes, princess you will wear all 3 at once.

Now one final item.  The public shopping has been extremely liberating.  A totally uninbited shopping experience for very pretty feminine attire for me to wear with it clearly understood that they are mine although it never had to be explictly said.  A very complete through public oriented reenforcement of my feminine side.  This store definetly has a steady customer and will likely be my preferred lingerie boutique.   However, shopping in others, will still be done because the public reenforcement will not be limited to just 1 store.  There will be more and varied stores  because it part of feminine growth.

Nina – A very happy growing lady


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