How long before she takes you back to your submissive space again?

We both know you cannot stop those desires to slip in those lacy, frilly silk panties.

Maybe you want to wear even more such as a bra, stockings, dress, wig, shoes.

It doesn’t matter, the ABSOLUTE truth is

  • You have always had these desires
  • You cannot resist them
  • You cannot escape them
  • You will never change because this is who you are, it is what you crave, need, and desire

So you read the fiction sites, you look at the picture/video sites, you read blog sites and then you mentally find that dominant woman and you cum and cum some more.

Is she mentally done with you?  Perhaps for the moment but she will be back again.  She will be putting you in panties/dress, or spanking you, or tying you up, or humiliating you in the future.   It will never be a question of if she returns.  She will be back.  Try as hard as you want, you cannot fight her-she always wins.  She has always returned and always will.   There is no choice for you and no chance of escape.  You will submit and serve her again.  You only have one choice. Will it be the dominant woman in your dreams/fantasies returning you, to a more lonely solitary confined hidden submissive world? or Will you enter into the submissive world with a real woman?  Either way, you will headed back to your submissive space and the land of female domination-fight it if you must-you will always lose-you are quite helpless to resist her.   The clock is ticking again for you !

Having spent almost my entire life being taken to my submissive feminized world by woman in my dreams, I can tell you that journey is a lonely one where little self improvement and discovery occurs.  It is orders of magnitude different, to be taken into that world by a real woman who understands domination/submission.  One who takes me to that special place that I can share both the journey and the experience with a warm, caring, protective, and yes quite dominant female who has me  controlled, disciplined and very, very happy !

You are going back to your submissive world, you only choice will be with who takes you, the woman you mentally envision or a real one.  You’re a slave to females, it what you are and what you will always be.


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