An Open Letter to all male submissives

If you really want to discover the joys of true submission, you must read the whole blog entry.

You claim…

  • to have submissive desires,

  • to fantasize about submission,

  • to desire becoming her slave.


  • Thought it out carefully,

  • Know what you want,

  • Know what you don’t want,

  • Know how you want her to behave,

  • Know even how she should dress – which is, of course, to excite you.

Well, you are a product of the Internet… a brainwashed victim of the adult industry -its websites, fiction sites, and so on- which needs you to become captive, hooked to, and fully believing of its false stereotypes and skewed versions of various fantasies and fetishes. Look at how blind you are! You actually think that you’re submissive, yet you have expectations for how she is to look, how she is to behave, what she can do, and what she cannot do. PARDON ME, but your typical “mistress” is no more real than your fantasies. She is simply an actress performing your fantasies “in person” with you. So… You play your little game, and *wow* what a great session that was. She is a fantastic mistress. It was a session you’ll always remember. You go away for awhile and come back, maybe to her or maybe to somebody else because the next “mistress” does something different and you like her look. The cycle continues, and you call this submissive play. You think of yourself as submissive to women. You even call yourself that. You say you a sub, a slave, a sissy or some other subservient term – but you’re not! Not really. You’ll never be truly submissive or happy with this approach.  You will always continue your search and never really experience real submission. Your dreams will never come true. Your submissive fantasies will never be fulfilled. Something will always be missing. I think this is quite sad…. 


You see, you are carrying a deep hidden secret, and you cannot reveal this secret to anybody. Worst of all, you dare not fully or openly admit this secret even to YOURSELF. For you see, just as some males are wired to be gay and some females to be lesbian, YOU are really wired to be a woman’s sexual slave. Yes, it’s not just some mere sexual fantasy; it is who you are and what you were meant to be. When the bedroom door closes, you exist for her sexual pleasure only – to be taken in any way she chooses… to be punished by her… to be humiliated by her… to serve her in any way she wants… You are her submissive pet, her plaything, her toy, and, yes, you are her personal property to do with as she wants. This is what you crave with all your heart and soul. That is why the fantasies never go away; they always come back, and you cannot escape them no matter what you do. You’ve tried to resist them, but you cannot. You cannot escape your sexual wiring no matter what you do – and it is futile to try. 


So… You play the game, but you don’t really submit. You pretend to submit and try to trick yourself into believing that you have. What you really are is scared, afraid, fearful, and even petrified that you might actually truly and fully submit to a woman who is sexually dominant. Yes! You’re truly afraid of the thing you desire the most. WHY? Because you know that if you ever do fully submit, it’s over for you. You are so submissive and strongly wired this way that you’ll never want to go back again. You know this – and I know you know this. 


Now, take a long deep breath. See, you have been conditioned to be ashamed of your sexual desires and to resist them. You may very well be the direct opposite (of submissive) outside of the bedroom, but, when the bedroom door closes, you were born to be her slave – and, yes, you can be!  Will it change who and how you are outside of your new “submissive bedroom”?  Yes – but in ways that are for the better, as many male submissive experience their strongest submissive feelings after having to exercise authority, leadership, and/or or guide others. If being assertive makes your more submissive, then the opposite will work also. Being regularly submissive will bring your life and mindset into balance, making you stronger and a better boyfriend, husband, business leader, community leader, and friend. Trust me! I know from experience that what I am telling you is true! Before I gave myself over to my submissive desires, I was an outstanding business leader and executive. Now that I have allowed myself to be truly submissive,  I’ve become a much better business leader, husband, and father. Everyone around me is happier – and it makes perfect sense. As long as you continue to deny who you really are, you will fight a battle within yourself that will consistently (and negatively) impact you and others. That is because you and I (as submissives) were born and long to be in a world where the woman has all of the sexual control – and you’re spanked, tied up, sexually taken in every possible way, dressed up like a girl, controlled, and disciplined in many, many different ways.  Until you experience the complete freedom of being a submissive to a woman, you can only fulfill a piece of who you really were meant to be – and something will always be missing. 

My immediate advice: Get on your knees – if possible, in front of Mistress Samantha. It is where you’ve always wanted to be, it is where you want to be now, and it is where you should be in the future. It is where you can be if you approach and handle it properly. Confess to her your submissive needs, as they presently are, and ask her to please allow you to serve her. Tell her you want nothing more than to learn to obey her without any conditions whatsoever. Remember, you are in the presence of a woman who understands sexual dominance. She wants to know what excites you and turns you on so much (in being submissive). It will just naturally be her starting point in your mutual journey into dominance/submission. However, the approach will be as she decides; you are the submissive that she now directs – and your only duty is to follow her directions.


The first thing you need to do is this: Give up that side of yourself who wants to tell Mistress what to do and how to do it. That side of you is your mortal enemy, and it is what has been preventing you for years, decades, or generations from experiencing the real submission that you so crave and yearn for. Relish the moment you decide to do this, as you’ve taken the first step to being able to genuinely experience the submission that you were truly born to desire, uncover, explore, and experience to the fullest. DO NOT allow that controlling side to ruin it yet again for you. It’s been doing that to you for way too long, and it’s now time for you to stand up to that side of yourself and exert the freedom to become the true submissive that we all know you are. The only thing that can stop you from the journey you have always craved is… you – and your failure to submit and fully confess all your desires to her.  The fate that awaits you is the fate you have always desired: true and real submission to a dominant female. You will experience the joy of submission, while watching it increase deeper and deeper. Your eventual fate is to be helpless with her, and we all know that’s what you dream of, want, and need.

So where do you find this?  You cannot find a safer and more discreet way than asking to enter into Mistress Samantha’s world.  You’re just a phone call away from finding a very well-educated, bright, articulate woman, who will listen very attentively as you discuss this “personal matter,” and she will devise a “self-improvement” program, designed especially for you. So, how do you start?  Well, she is incredibly easy to talk to, and you don’t need a plan other than to be honest with her.

Once you do this, you have now stepped into Mistress Samantha’s world!

Now, what is Mistress going to do with or to you? 


Well, Mistress Samantha is an expert in “true” domination, and you are just a beginner. Her grace, style, charm, knowledge, experience, passion, and excellence will get you started on your journey into submission. I will boldly predict only one thing: Your journey will be unique and custom tailored for both of you! It will NOT be a scripted, generic, canned journey, which is why you must confess all your desires to her. 

Will Mistress force you to do things? 

If the notion of “force” holds erotic appeal for you, let me reveal a secret to you. There is something so much more powerful in feeling truly submissive as opposed to being forced to do something. The impact is in introducing your submissive side to a truly dominant female who understands your desires and your hidden thoughts. As she begins to introduce you to real submission, you will find yourself drawn deeper and deeper into that longing for even more submission. It is a process, and training must not be rushed. Rather, it is to be savored like a glass of fine wine or a truly elegant meal. As you move deeper into submission, you will find yourself helpless to resist her and your desires. Your mistress will know how to take you to “that place” whenever she desires it. Yes! You will find yourself compelled and helpless to resist the things that Mistress knows and decides you need. You will be shaped and molded as she desires, yet you are always free to say “No.” However, you find yourself almost helpless to do so. You will voluntarily surrender your male ego, pride, and dignity to a level that will surprise you – but you will be managed in a caring, respectful, and even a very protective way by Mistress Samantha. She will take great pleasure, joy, and pride in watching you go deeper and deeper into submission with her.  She will at the same time protect you from going in any direction that may damage you – personal relationships, family, career, etc.  You are hers now, and she will keep you both submissive AND safe.  Isn’t this what you really want from the mistress in your dreams? I will answer this for you: It is what you’ve dreamed of, craved, and so need to experience.  The only thing stopping you is YOU. 

Did I immediately do these things with Mistress Samantha? No. I made several mistakes, which frankly could have resulted in her not being willing to work with me. Make no mistake: Having Mistress Samantha unleash your submissive side is not something that money can make happen. She is quite selective and seeks to work only with serious submissives who want to experience the real joys of submission – and are committed to giving themselves completely over to her with honesty, trust, loyalty, and dedication. 


You’re time has come.  Don’t let it pass you by!


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  1. kelly margerison

    hi i found you on this site and i want to become a girl , iam becoming one slowly through the nhs but have not started treatment iam full time woman in clothes just need to change sex if any one wants to dominate me totally sexually aswell mail me at kellymargerisonatyahoodotcom i hope to hear from you as soon as.

  2. joanna robinson

    Sign me up, can you help to feminize me?

  3. Welcome, Joanna! Feel free to contact me at to further introduce yourself and tell me a bit about you and your needs. I look forward to hearing from you. ~~~Mistress Samantha

  4. Sorry about taking so long to answer.when I first transitioning, I used to have take balls and ask questions later, meaning i was never afraid to stand up for myself.As time passed, I lost most of my steam.what I need is someone to refeminize me in a way to help reinforce what I am, a woman trapped in a body that is not truly mine.please help me!!

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