Public shopping for my silicone breast forms

For being such a good girl during the holidays, mistress rewarded me by allowing me to wear nail polish on my toenails which of course is now mandatory.  She is also going to let me wear the special French lace bra from Victoria’s Secret. But, Mistress doesn’t like my foam breast forms, she wants me in full silicone breast forms with nipples.  So before the special bra can be worn, I must get new breast forms.  The instructions were clear to only buy breast forms-nothing else.

Well Princess may not dress in public but she must still display her feminine desires in public in front of other woman.  For her this means public shopping is her first priority and she must subtly but clearly communicate the feminine clothes, accessories are going to be worn by the “man” shopping for them.  Phrases like “my size is” are quite revealing but said just to the sales staff is sufficient.  You still need to make sure you never disturb another clients shopping experience.  That will never happen

Public shopping for breast forms.  Well they are a “specialty” item.  There is a cross dressers boutique ( run by a man – yuck ) fairly close that would have them.  Better yet there is a retail lingerie store that also sells to cross dressers on the Internet and even does transformations with an appointment.  It is run by woman.  Fairly far away but I could stop after visiting relatives.

Well, this morning (02:30am) I got an unexpected call and needed to do something immediately for these relatives.  I quickly left the house jotting down the phone number and address of the woman run boutique above.

I finished up at 9:30am and called the store.  No answer, maybe they opened at 10am so I drove there anyway.  I got there at 10:10 am. Store looked awesome from window but didn’t open until 11am.  I need to get back home, so I couldn’t wait.  Lost opportunity.

On the way home I remembered another lingerie store but they didn’t advertise breast forms. I decided I would pass by and maybe get the phone number and call them to ask before going in.  I drove by the store, it looked open.  I parked.  As I was walking by to get the phone number from the store window, the requirement that I display my feminine side publicly in front of other women became to overcome me.  The window was very, very nice and I stepped inside.  I couldn’t resist at least looking at the clothes.

There was a woman at the counter waiting on the one other customer in the store.  She was a woman probably around 35 or maybe older.  Hard to tell.  She was pretty and personable.  I looked around and was convinced they didn’t have them.  However, I became determined to at least ask her.  I couldn’t believe I was doing this.  I’d always call or check the website first.  The clothes were very nice, shopping was enticing.

After maybe 5-10 minutes the woman came over to me and asked if she could help.  I told her I was interested in specialty items “By any chance do you carry silicone breast forms?”  I was shocked when she said she did.  We walked over to the counter and she showed me a pair so I could check the feel  They felt great but they were partial(seemed like breast enhancers) with no nipples.  I was still feeling them and said nothing.   She immediately volunteered (did she read my reaction?   did I show any?  not sure) that she had a different set with nipples that were full and deluxe.  What I had was a $40 pair, these were much more expensive at $189 and had the same exact feel.   She showed me the picture and then a pair she had ordered for another customer. This is exactly what I wanted to see from the other store.  BINGO.  She told me so could special order them and they would arrive in a week.

I asked about sizing and she told me they come in 2 sizes A/B or C/D.   I asked her what size bra they could be worn in and she explained any bra except perhaps a strapless one.  I shyly told her I didn’t understand would I buy a 35, 36, a 38 to match the cup size.  She smiled and nicely explained that this is a common mistake some people have.  The size C/D would fit any bra that had C  or D size in it. That was the cup size.  The 36, 38, 40 referred to the length of the bra needed to fit around your body.  I just naturally responded with I never knew that at all ( okay…everybody laugh I didn’t) and thanked her.  I learned a lot about bra sizes today.

She wrote up the special order and took my cell phone number.  While she was writing it up, I asked if she had any male chastity devices.  I don’t think she directly answered whether she did or not but began to talk about the CB2000, CB…, and CB6000.  I asked if she had ever heard of Kali’s teeth and she said she hadn’t but could look into it for me.  She asked if I wanted her to call with information or email.  I told her email would be better.  She asked for the email address.  I smiled and told her I’d write it for her.  She commented that it was long as she spelled it back.  I told her I spelled feminine wrong.  She took just the first name for the receipt as I paid for the breast forms in full.  She then asked if she could order Kali’s teeth whether it came in sizes and whether it was leather.  I told her I didn’t think so.  It was metal with sharp spikes inside and would likely be just one size.

When we were done, she extended her hand and shook mine telling me it was a pleasure to meet me.  I thanked her for making this such an easy shopping experience.  I should have asked her name but I didn’t.   I did sense she was the owner of the shop.

Yes, this was a wonderful shopping experience and the only time I even felt a little squimish (and it showed ) was I asked what size bra I’d buy to wear with them.  She put me right at ease.  The purpose of my shopping publicly is to allow the feminine side of me that has been so suppressed, hidden, and smothered to be allowed to breathe.  Yes, I felt so wonderfully relaxed.  Conscious of being discreet but also letting the feminine side blossom, flourish, and express itself to others.

How wonderfully liberating this was.  How empowering this was.  How much fun this was.

No more emails or websites first.  You shop and then you see what the experience brings.  I’m a relaxed young lady who is a submissive.  I’m not looking to flaunt it for the world to see but it needs to be put on discreet low key public display through shopping experiences such as this.

It is so critical that the liberation, empowerment, growth, and enjoyment of Nina continue to expand, grow, and explode.

Thank you Mistress and a special thank you to the store owner.


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