Taking away even the erections

Tonight is very normal night for me now.

I’m dressed in my silk panties and sheer tight pantyhose.  I wear silk panties all the time now, no exceptions with stockings every single night for 8-10 hours.   My private area is shaved and maintained totally hairless.  It must be keep totally hairless from now on. My nails are polished in a pretty pink shade and they also must stay this way.








My cock belongs to Mistress Samantha so it cannot be touched.  But lets be clear, not only does my cock belong to Mistress Samantha but so does the rest of my body and my mind.  I’m her personal property she has complete control over me and this too will never change unless she decides that it will.  I’m hers.  I wear a pretty bra, dress, corset, high heels, dress, wig and makeup for Mistress Samantha weekly.

Tonight is my second consecutive night in my cock cage.  Mistress has decided that I will no long be allowed to have erections unless they are used to cultivate my desires more.  You see, I’m now a girl and my sexuality is to be totally completely feminine.  Yes, my sexuality is to be totally completed surrendered to Mistress Samantha.  She will TAKE me in every way that she decides and at the pace she decides.  I’m her sexual toy.

Yes, Mistresses cock is pressed so hard against it’s cage but it’s useless for it cannot become erect and will never be fully erect again unless it suits Mistresses desires.

Please Mistress,  take me total and completely in every sexual way that you desire both now and in the future.  I will be your cute, adorable sweet girl or your complete personal slut.  I want to be taken sexually in every way possible and in every situation imaginable.   My sexual desires will be whatever you want them to be and I will eagerly do whatever you desire in any scenario that excites, amuses or you want to experience.

I’m YOUR girl, YOUR slave and Your Property.






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  1. I would be your Sissy Gerl, SIR ! – Would you were HE !

  2. Sorry Never – I’m all girl all the time and in all interactions so my interest is only in biological females

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