Mistress Explores Nina & Princess’ Future of Feminization and Submission

So… It would seem that my dearest Nina and the formerly macho Princess have been keeping everyone up-to-date on our progress and happenings since the inception of our journey into complete feminization and submission. Given that fact, I am curious to know what those who read Nina and Princess’ words find most intriguing within this trek.

Now, I know you all have read about the intense spanking Princess received from me on behalf of both myself and Nina. You see, Princess previously made the fatal mistake of resisting and trying to purge my influence over her, but -obviously!- she failed miserably. As a reminder of her place and to whom she belongs, a severe spanking was very much warranted – and I made sure she received a harsh spanking that she would not soon forget. Since I do not need a reason or occasion on which to do so, I will be administering random spankings in order to keep her in the proper mindset and underscore the importance of her submission and obedience.

In another effort to execute my Mistress’ duties, I regularly ensure that Nina is kept happy and Princess is forced to wallow in femininity by ordering prancing, dancing, twirling, and whirling, so both of my girls can feel the freedom and joy in being completely and utterly feminine. This is a ritual that will be regular and ongoing from this point on!

Keeping both Nina and Princess entranced -and in their respective places!- by submission is another essential part of our goal, so ordering them to lie back on the bed and writhe in a pair of soft, silky, pretty panties -no touching allowed!!- is a perfect way to capture their full attention and obedience. Rocking and pressing those hips -and the contents of those panties that belong to ME!- into the cool silkiness of those panties while being completely denied any touching whatsoever is always a proper reminder of just who owns those girls (and their most private places!). This is another activity that will continue whenever I wish it.

An upcoming and greatly anticipated training component is my girls’ training in how to really behave and “play” like “good” girls should. I am keeping a “treat” hidden beneath my skirt, only to be revealed when I think my girls are deserving of finally learning to service my delicious  Mistress-cock. I fully intend to instruct my girls -with explicit and painstaking detail- on how to “handle” my tool of submission in every way possible. They will learn to expertly tend to my Mistress-cock – and take my strap-on with great enthusiasm and vigor. They will BOTH happily and eagerly be transformed into my dedicated cock (hungry!) sluts!!

Last but certainly not least, Princess will become accustomed to some delightful CBT, which will stress to her that what she carries around in her panties is MINE – and I shall do with it as I wish and whenever I wish. I will punish, tease, and discipline MY cock as I see fit, and the exquisite pain and pleasure to which I will subject her will inevitably lead to even deeper and richer submission, subservience, and surrender to ME!

Since I want to have my pet on public display and share our exploits, I want to be sure that the readers of her blog are privy to the titillating details of our adventures; therefore, I would love to know what details you would like me to share next. That said, I am herein officially giving you the opportunity to give me your input on what aspects of our escapades I should expose to the public, so let me know on which topic you would most like the sordid details to be published here. Nina and Princess will no other choice that to abide by your -and MY, of course!- desires.

Thank you in advance for your help!

~~~Mistress Samantha, Queen of Panty Boys, Crossdressers, & All Feminized “Men”




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  1. For the readers, I am Mistress Samantha’s personal property and she has full access to all my accounts and passwords. This blog entry is quite a surprise this morning.

    Dear Mistress, your girls await their fate which apparently are going to be quite public. I LOVE IT and cannot resist my submissive desires to be obedient to you.

  2. Mistress Samantha

    How proud my girls make me in proclaiming that they are BOTH my property! Of course, I am most definitely the very proud Mistress and owner of both my submissive pet Nina and the formerly macho, control freak Miss Princess.

    I am quite pleased that my post and poll came as a surprise. It was intended to be just that, as I want my girls to know that I want the world to know about the transformations my girls are undergoing. Naturally, everyone is going to know about the naughty things to which I plan to subject my feminine subbies! 😉

    Despite my offering the poll and soliciting input from the masses, any and all decisions of mine will be just that: MINE! My girls know who has the ultimate say-so in planning “events” for them – and I fully intend to implement all of the options noted. 🙂

  3. Well Mistress, the readers are voting with their hits. I have been posting for 5 months. Since I started the spanking posts, December, the references in Dec total more than Aug, Sept, and Nov COMBINED. The two prior heaviest months were Oct and Nov and yes, December exceeded both of those COMBINED.

    Get ready Princess (of course, you may get 2 mins notice just like the last time) and remember what you received was the minimum….

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