The empowering impact of Princess being throughly spanked

Well Princess, you have now received your 1st punishment spanking from Mistress Samantha. Did you read Mistresses comment in your prior blog entry?   “This was just the first spanking of many more to come”. There is absolutely nothing you can do to change that or escape them. Your treatment of me has earned you many more. Many more is what you shall be receiving. Yes, punishment spankings are not fun spankings for you. However, it gives me great pleasure, satisfaction, and I find it exalting and very empowering to give you a very sound, hard, and painful spanking. It’s such fun and are all the years that I didn’t have any fun, well it’s time for me to get enjoyment. I love punishing and humbling you this way.

Oh, freedom and empowerment is so wonderful and demonstrating it to you is SUCH GREAT FUN especially when I make you squirm. Time to squirm Princess, you’re going to see a further demonstration of my empowerment which has grown significantly since your spanking.

  • So, since there will be many more spankings to come, let me be the first to offer you some very good advice. Not resisting my desires is the absolute bare minimum standard. When Mistress decides to spank you again is the best you want to be able to tell her is you didn’t resist me? That might be a very painful explanation. If I were you, I’d want to be able to tell mistress how you went out of your way to encourage, empower, and have my desires blossom. You’ll still get a punishment spanking from her at my hand but maybe it will not get more severe than your first one. If you have any false hope of it being less, you don’t have a prayer, what you got is the minimum you’ll get. Work very, very hard Princess and you have at least some chance it doesn’t get worse. Your prospects dear are rather bleak I’d suggest lots of effort here.
  • Now, since Mistress took the lead in deciding a Christmas present from both of us, I think it’s appropriate if I take the lead in deciding a second Christmas present from both of us. Remember your punishment list from August and having to wear panties 24×7?  That time was due to expire around Christmas time. Well, Princess, I think you should get a second joint Christmas present from us.  I’ve decided to keep you dressed in cute, feminine, lacy, silk panties from this point on. You will never be allowed to wear anything but feminine panties as your underwear except for rare exceptions like traveling by plane.  Now, your 3 * 89 days where you have to sleep in panties/stockings or pantyhose will end on April 30, 2011.  Well, you can stop counting here also, I’ve also decided to keep you in sheer stockings or hosiery from now on.
  • We both know that like to personally shop in stores.   You will be needing some more pretty panties, stockings, garter belts and pantyhose.  I’m always willing to shop for bra’s, corsets, slips, high heels etc.  So plan on several shopping trips for year for us.  For my entertainment and amusement, on each occasion you will be publicly humbled and embarrassed.  It’s good for you to know your new place. Let’s see what’s the inevitable question from the saleswoman?   Do you know her size? or What size is she?  Well, the answer must ALWAYS NOW START with a simple three words and the two of the words are single letters.  Impossible to forget, the answer is “I wear a…….”  That’s right Princess, you have to start this way….

Now, let’s me get really, really serious about the subject of ever resisting me again. It would be the biggest mistake of your life.  As a warning, I’m posting your altered picture as a very, very public warning and a very public promise.

If you ever, ever make the mistake of resisting me again which now by the way include taking your panties or stockingss off or not saying what I’ve instructed to a salesgirl is now resisting me.  When I tell you something, you will do it.

  • You will be mercilessly spanked
  • You will be publicly humilaited in the following ways, Either :
    • You will record the blog apology in your own voice
    • You will be photographed and published on your blog in your stockings, high heels, dress and makeup only (NO WIG)
    • Or you will do both if I decide
This is not a game, my dear, even the thought of resistance will result in severe consequences.  Get ready for your next spanking Princess !!!

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