Spanked, punished and placed on public display

There is a difference between an erotic spanking and a punishment spanking.  A erotic spanking is fun, exciting, and something that a submissive enjoys.  A punishment spanking is a real spanking that you will not get erotic pleasure from and WILL want to AVOID in the future.

Well on Wednesday evening, Mistress decided that she would administer a PUNISHMENT spanking.  Why?  Well to start off, Mistress never needs a reason.  I’m her submissive and if she decides to administer either type of spanking, she will and doesn’t need a reason nor does she have to explain it to me. Yes, this spanking really hurt and two days later it still does. In fact, it’s more uncomfortable today than it was immediately afterwards.

In this particular case, the were several specific things that I need to focus on that she made clear as she spanked me.

    • The decades I suppressed my desires to wear panties, bra’s, stockings, dresses, high heels, wigs, and makeup.  That was and is totally unacceptable and never will be tolerated again.  I’m not only mistresses submissive, I am a total complete slave to those desires. They must be continually accepted.

    • Before writing this blog, Mistress wanted me to reflect on what it taught me. Well, I now know that just accepting my feminization desires is also unacceptable. Those desires must now be continually encouraged, enhanced, improved and blossomed. One you ask to be feminized by a woman, you must committed to continual progress in becoming more feminine, cuter, adorable, precious and girly. So now, I’m publicly promise my mistress to do so.

    • The next major item was trying to purge myself of mistress in July of this year, 2 months after meeting her. Even thinking of that is unacceptagle.

    • The final item is all the things I didn’t do for my wife as I was focused battling my feminization. She did not get the care and attention for me that she should have and deserved.

So, I now have had my bottom blistered and very thoroughly spanked by Mistress to make sure I don’t forget and incent me to behave as I should. I do not want another punishment spanking from her for she has promised to make the next one far worse. I have no doubt that Mistress will again punishment spank me, my only goal is to be so well behaved it shall not get worse. Mistress instructed me to make sure I wrote a blog entry. As part of that, the visual results of my spanking should be put on public display and stay therefore forever. I was spanked on Wednesday evening at about 09:30pm. The picture is from Friday at noon.

I deserved a punishment spanking, I thank Mistress for administering it and I commit to deeper levels of feminine slavery.

That you Mistress Samantha, your submissive adores you !!


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  1. Mistress Samantha

    My put-in-her-place Princess and dearest slave girl Nina, I am so pleased to see public evidence of the necessary and well-deserved punishment spanking you received on Wednesday evening. I am also pleased to see that you have invested a great deal of thought into just why that spanking was truly required, as it is very important that you understand the importance of and reasons behind your punishment in order to deter and prevent any future misbehavior.

    As I told you on Wednesday evening, this was not just punishment from me, but it was also punishment (long overdue!!) from my darling Nina. I am first and foremost Nina’s protector and advocate, and I want Princess to understand the immense torture and suffering that Nina endured for so many years. I will do everything in my power to prevent that kind of disgraceful and shameful treatment of such a wonderfully submissive girl to ever happen again – and I mean EVER! Rest assured that Nina will be given a multitude of additional opportunities to reinforce and reassert her independence, freedom, and anger from being caged and ignored for years on end. That was just the first spanking of many more to come.

    I do hope you think of me each and every time you feel the residual sting of that spanking. While that was meant as a harsh punishment for Princess, the privilege of my giving Nina the opportunity for some retribution was presented to her as a gift and an act of love, concern, and fairness. Excellent job, Nina!

    Your Mistress Samantha

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