“His” Shopping experience for feminine clothing – Final exam

Okay, you are quite comfortable shopping in Victoria’s Secret and the salesgirls knowing but :

  • We went to Victoria’s Secret because Halloween stores go away.
  • Your comfort with Victoria’s Secret is still centered around Halloween and that goes away.

I think Mistress mentioned birthday present, didn’t she? If not, oh well, my error but since I decided she did, we’re going shopping for birthday present anyway.

Similar storyline. Your shopping for a dress and outfit for a birthday. It’s your birthday and the woman you’re with wants you to be dressed for a party she is having with some close friends.

Am I serious ? Dead serious. This is your final exam for shopping.

Frederick of Hollywood is were you are going. 1.5 hour trip but with rush hour, probably 2.5 hours away. The Jersey City mall.  Birthdays don’t go away nor does Fredrick’s of Hollywood.  From temporary to permanent.

Okay, you called and they don’t carry plus sizes dresses, they are internet only. Fine, start off with the corset or waist cincher first.

Long trip with rush hour, good thing you left 3 hours before opening. It did take 2.5 hours. Time to window shop, Frederick’s of Hollywood is cozy and all glass.

Bummer…you called and asked about plus sizes dresses. They said Internet only but there isn’t 1 dress in that store. They should have told you, all dresses were internet only. Let’s check Victoria’s Secret, I didn’t notice dresses in Paramus but I really wasn’t looking for them. Double bummer, no dresses here either.

Well, good thing I plan. To Ann Taylor’s loft, I’m sure they will have Plus sizes and I like the charmeuse top sweater dress on the Internet last night. Let’s see, they have a lot of dresses, but what if they don’t have it?

Okay, we are changing the plan. There are at least 12 woman’s stores in this mall. You will visit every single one of them. If you don’t see plus or large sizes you will ask the staff if they carry them. You will shop and I mean really shop for the dresses. You will not pick it out until you visit every store.

After the dress is picked out, we will know if we need a strapless bra or pantyhose depending on how low cut and the hem length.   Then to Frederick’s.

Okay, we’ve done all the stores. I’m so glad I had you stay dressed in your pink satin ruffled panties and the nice tight black pantyhose we brought for you on your birthday to try on clothes. You are so sexually turned on and excited. You are also so totally relaxed and accepting of what we are doing. This is perfect relaxation, something special is happening here that we should focus on. Relax, let yourself go deeper in feminine bliss.  I want you to let it all go, all !!!

Oh, I understand. You so love wearing dresses, stockings, and high heels and being her willing, cooperative submissive, it so sexually excites and turns you on, that you are beaming with pride at being Mistresses submissive. You want other woman to know that you dress this way by your own choice and love being submissive and obedient to her because it pleases you. You want to personally shop for your clothes to show your mistress how devoted you are to doing this. You want to look as cute, adorable, pretty, and feminine as possible. You’ve gone from reticent, nervous to enthusiastic, relaxed, and totally obessed with personal shopping for your things. LOL, LOL, LOL, and LOL some more.

Now, back to the dresses, Macy’s, Sears, Penney’s and Kohl are my favorites. Time for a second look. Yes, I like the Kohl dresses the best. We are buying 2 of them. Hold them up to your shoulders so if we can see if they are above the knee. Oh, perfect they are. I love the look and feel of them.

Onto to Frederick’s of Hollywood. One woman in the store running counter, dressing room, and helping customers wow, she is busy. She wants to help, tell her what you really want to say. Quick a precious look when you told her you were picking things out to YOUR dresses. Okay, you can shop, now that you said that. Let’s see, a pink corset, white petticoat, black stockings, purple teddy with built-in bra, pink panties that should do it. Get on line. She suggests you place it one the counter. Let’s browse one more time. Oh, look at this one and only behind a pirate costume. A flapper dress in XL, on well, let’s do this also- a micro mini-you love those. Ok, you’re up at the counter., she suggest a bra to match the panties. Good girl, you said fine. Bra size? Not that important a very truthful answer. She smiles and said she knew that but I still needed to pick one.

As we leaving she said she hopes she likes the clothes. Nice answer, she does. A great smiling reply from her – “it shows”. What a good girl you’ve become.

Well, we proceeded to shop for high heel sandals carrying our dresses and red Frederick of Hollywood bags. Ran across a wig store and makeup store. Yes, went browsing in both. We didn’t buy anything more because we were way over budget and I didn’t see anything else I wanted.

The trip home was much better only 1.5 hours. Found a Spirit of Hollywood in Nanuet. Went in. They had the red pirate outfit in 1x/2x and 3x/4x. There was a man running the fitting room area. Yes, our young lady who is proud to be a feminized submissive didn’t blink. In she went, the 1x/2x didn’t fit (corset was too tight – dress was okay). At the check-out counter the girl at the register was trying to be helpful. Unfortunately, we don’t do returns, just wanted you to know that. A perfect response from you. Oh – I tried it on it fit. On my god, it’s yours and you tried it on. I’m sorry. Don’t be, I’ll be wearing it in front of lots of people and she laughed.

Well, my dear young lady, I’m pleased with your shopping training, we shall see if Mistress is. Am I done with you now?

Hardly, I’m just starting


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  1. You look lvloey in all the dresses! I agree with you, some of their dresses are very nice and I have a few items myself, but I haven’t bought from them in a LONG time because my style has changed. I have never had any sort of bad experience from them, however. I don’t believe Chris should be working there anymore! And Matt should go back to school and concentrate in english classes

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