Halloween Pop-Up stores..Good but we can do better

Mistresses public comments on your blog “how very pleased and impressed I am” and “ I am beaming with pride over Nina’s grand display of empowerment. Mistress could not be happier”

I want Mistress beaming even more with pride and happiness over my empowerment. Don’t you want mistress to be proud of you also? .

I know you so well my dear. It only takes once for you. You’ve now been trained and conditioned to shop and be fitted in Halloween stores so that the salesgirls know your wearing the dress, stockings, and high heels.

As we both know, Halloween Pop-up stores go away. It’s now time for the same exact conditioning and training in stores that don’t go away. Now, I have to give up the trying it on but NOTHING else.

Let’s see, what store might I have in mind? Of course, Victoria’s Secret is the ideal store for you. But they don’t have Halloween costumes, we can see that on the Internet.

So, you’re going to go into the store with your list. You’ll shop discreetly but if you’re asked, the storyline is the girl you are with and you both decided you’d dress as a girl for Halloween. She wants you to pick the costume and surprise her. Not a standard Halloween a more personalized approach. So, you personally designed your outfit and are personally shopping for it.

Now, the Paramus Park Mall? I’ve changed my mind. The Garden State Mall is much bigger and with more customers. You’ll shop here my dear, as crowded and public as possible.

See, it wasn’t so hard to give her the list and tell her that this isn’t just pieces it’s a complete set you’re looking for.

No, pink Halter Baby-doll in the store that says think Pink? Oh, well, try the other section she suggested.

Ah, that’s a nice pretty pink baby-doll and it’s size Large. Perfect. Ah, a different salesgirl asking if she can help you. Give her your list and yes tell her it’s a complete outfit you are looking for. Yes, the bra is now the most important to pick out next.

Oh, this is the section for stockings. She’s right, might as well get them while your here. That’s it, help her look for size C black lace top stockings. Ah, she found it.

Now back to the original section with her. Ah, the first salesgirl is here and she has a pretty Victoria’s shopping bag for you. Before you can even answer if you’d like one, the salesgirl who just escorted you back tells her yes, you need one. Place your baby-doll and stockings in your cute bag. Now for the bra.

Ah, she doesn’t have the bra is Size 38DD. You know the bra I want you to wear. Okay, you told her it doesn’t have to be that size, and asked what the largest size she has is. Very subtle. Oh, she still doesn’t understand. Well, you know how to get her to understand. You’ll tell her the full story line. Look at her smile and laugh. The 2nd salesgirl is smiling and seems to be blushing a little. She thanks you for telling her, she still wants you to consider the satin one ( think it’s the starlet halter model) if you want to go to the party as a 38 DD. Good girl, ( not that you have a choice anymore) you tell her that you really wanted to wear one that is lacy. Ah! She has other pink bra’s in french lace that are in 38DD. .The salesgirl is pleased and comments that now you can now get the bra you want in the size you want. She takes you over to show it to more and thinks it cute. Very niice, you tell her you think it’s cute also.

Time for the panties. Your list had the full brief but both the salesladies agree, it will not match YOUR bra. They search for others. No good matches. The salesgirl wants to understand why you don’t like the thong style. You tell her it’s needs to cover. She smiles and shows you how much the thongs stretch. She thinks the thongs are adorable and how lovely and sweet, you agree with her and take them.

Now for the waist cincher. Oh, they don’t have the type you want in the stores. She shows you what they have and you agree. She recommends that you order from the website Good ahead dear and ask her if it comes with hook and eyes. She says yes but wants to know why it’s important. You tell her that if it doesn’t fit, you will use pink lace ribbons to tie it shut. She is amazed at how much thought you’ve given your Halloween outfit.

So my dear young lady, now you’ve been taken into Victoria’s Secret and told them you are dressing as a girl for Halloween. You told them you designed you own costume and then discussed the bra’s and panties that YOU wanted to wear with 2 salesgirls. Best of all, you loved it, young lady.

The Halloween Pop up stores go away but Victoria’s Secret doesn’t.

Am I done with you my dear?

You know better, get time off Thursday and Friday. You’ll be busy Thursday morning with some things you will do doing for me.


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  1. I wish I had a mistress like you to help me become the little girl I left behind so sad many years ago. However, she (the little girl) never really left

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