Making sure the Salesgirls knew the Halloween dress was for him to wear !!!

This was originally written on 10/25, it was rewritten on 10/30 from Nina’s point of view

I’m pleased you are so relaxed and accepted your fate so well young lady. You know what happens if  you resist us but it’s wonderful to see you so submissively accepting.

Let’s check the fitting area.  Four booths, a woman attendant, and a limit of 2 costumes.  Okay, let’s go shopping.  Look at this, a plus size rack with sizes XL, 1x/2x, 3x/4x. Lots of police outfits and French maid outfits.  A police outfit (sign of authority is a no for you), French maid (not thrilled) but maybe you can buy that on Monday the day after Halloween.  You can tell all the salesgirls here that you were such a hit in your dress, you’re going to attend “girls night” as their hostess and cannot wait until they let you !!!

I like the sailor dress and the “drive-in” waitress outfit. Take them both to the fitting area.  Ah, a woman on line ahead of you.  Place the outfits under your arm, she is a customer, she may feel out of place and you don’t spoil her shopping experience.  Line moved, that’s it, hand it to fitting attendant.  Oh, she is almost speechless, and didn’t even take them out as she did for the girls before you.  In booth 2 as you told you.  Now, the mirror is outside, so you don’t have to go out since that may make other woman shoppers uncomfortable.  Don’t bother their shopping fun.

Oh, I like the feel of the sailor dress but 1x/2x is a little snug in stomach.  I love the built-in bra cups.  Hmm..the drive in waitress dress at 3x/4x is too large.  Okay, return them both, I know that’s the only sailor dress size but I think the drive in waitress is in 1x/2x.   Plus, we can do a second check at the collection again.

I was right, drive-in in 1x/2x.  There is nothing else I like.  Should I buy the dress now?  The plan was more shopping but PLUS sizes looks hard to find and it’s close to Halloween. Let’s get it and if I find something else, you’ll get 2 outfits.

Oh NO, we’re not done.  Of course, I know you have all the accessories but the girls in the store don’t know that.  Remember what Stephanie from Spirit Customer service wrote “don’t forget the pettiskirt, shoes, and hosiery”.  So let’s start shopping.  Okay, a salesgirl wants to help you.  Go ahead show her the dress and ask for the petticoat to match it.  Okay, she wanted to find XL petticoat, you did fine in telling her you were sure the one size fit all would work since it’s was the fullest of them all.

Oh, I think you surprised her with the shoes.  She wants to match the outfit with the socks.  I think she is a little surprised when you said it doesn’t have to.  Oh yes, she is surprised by your wanting the sandals with the tall thin heel but she doesn’t have size 10.  She’s back to the shoes in the picture.  Okay, you want her to check a pair of  4″silver high heels with a very pointy toe.  She has them in large 9-10. As your confirming you want those ( she is surprised), I think she understands and asks if there is anything else you’d like.  Tell her your wig.

Perfect, she had to turn away as she is bursting out laughing, she knows for sure now.  The cashier looks up as she sees her laughing. Nice curly long blonde wig behind the cashier.  All set?  No, you forgot the stockings, ask her for them.  Okay, back across the store with her.

Saleslady “Can I ask is this for your wife or your daughter?”   You know what you have to answer her with, go ahead.

Well, no. They are” before the sentence could be finished, she burst out

They are for you?” she smiled and exclaimed.

Yes, the girl I’m with decided that this weekend, I’d be wearing the dress and stockings to the party”.

She laughed.

Okay to the hosiery area.  No the thighs aren’t sheer enough.  Tell her why you don’t like them.  Ah, the sheerest are the thigh high with the bows at the top.  Take those and thank her.

So am I done with you this Halloween? No, this is your first lesson.  We are off to a good start though, you’ll visit more Halloween stores.

Oh, look at mistresses blog comment to your 10/23 Halloween post. She is proud and pleased.   Your mistresses comments have sealed your fate, you know what I was toying with.  Now, it’s a complete given.  Tomorrow my dear at Paramus Park Mall.


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