Into the stores fitting room to try it on – Happy Halloween

During my check-in with Mistress this Wednesday, I went over my submissive thoughts as usual. During the course of conversation about my youth, I mentioned I was born in October. At the end of the call, Mistress combined my submissive thoughts with my birthday month and gave me some direction. I asked Mistress if I had to go through with my exact submissive thoughts, she said YES but I didn’t have to announce it, only if asked. PHEW, PHEW!!!

Well, like everything, once Mistress introduces a submissive concept, it does become impossible ( and I mean impossible ) for me to resist at all. In fact, Nina will no longer tolerate that. She is also going to shape it as she sees fit. For you see, although Mistress didn’t say I had to announce it, Nina had other plans. My submissive thought was to go into a store to pick out a Halloween costume, a dress, of course. If the store help came over to ask if they could help, I’d tell them I wasn’t sure wanted I wanted yet other than it was going to be a dress. Mistress was fine if I just picked out Nina’s new dress and paid for it, without it being obvious to the store help UNLESS they asked. If they asked, they would be told exactly as in my submissive thoughts. Well, Nina wanted the “attention” and the announcement. Where I live there are six Halloween “pop-up” stores with 30 minutes of one another. These are stores set up for the season and then shut down afterward. Hence the term “pop-up” stores. There are actually 2 what I’ll call “National” chains; Spirit Halloween and Ricky’s Costume Warehouse. I went into all six stores to get the lay off the land. Then Nina laid the law down. I called information for the phone numbers of the 3 stores I liked the best. The call went to the effect “I’m sorry I find this question a little flustering and intimidating to ask if you can bear with me. The woman I’m with has decided that I’ll be the one wearing the dress, and high heels for Halloween. I need to pick it out but I don’t know my size. Can I return the outfit if it doesn’t fit? Well, all three woman began to laugh when I told them I’d be the one wearing the dress and high heels. Not rudely, just naturally. They seemed to enjoy hearing it. They all quickly assured me, it’s Halloween, I should not be flustered. Both one local Northern NJ superstore and Spirit Halloween national chain, said that if I wasn’t sure, I should try it on before I leave the store to check the fit. When I asked if there anything unique I needed to do, they both laughed and said similar things. Just bring what you want to the person in charge of the fitting rooms like everybody else.  Ricky’s was very helpful but didn’t have a fitting room. Now, Nina had want she wanted. The equivalent of the announcement. So off we went to CVS for some black pantyhose that went into my pocket. One large outfit and one extra large outfit into the dressing room. When I approached it, the attendant wasn’t there so I went into one of the rooms. It has a mirror and I tried on the outfits in the store. I’m an extra large. Now, the selection in this store isn’t great for extra large but I’ve got 2 Spirits near me. A limit of 3 outfits in the fitting room means up to 9 more outfits to try on and 3 more woman in charge of fitting rooms seeing what my tastes are.

When I came out of the dressing room there was a salesgirl by the entrance. She told me if I wasn’t buying then to give them to her. I did, she looked, and she just smiled.

Look how far you’ve come my dear, Mistress and I have you shopping and the sales staff in the store knowing they are for you !!!

When I came home, I send an email to Spirit Halloween customer service asking their company policy about a man trying on dress for Halloween in the fitting rooms.  Wanted to make sure the approach wasn’t unique per store.  They responded it was perfectly acceptable. In fact they said quote. “Don’t forget your hosiery, pettiskirt and shoes to accessorize your costume!!

If your a feminized male slave, you may hate this posting if your mistress see it. You may also find yourself in Spirit Halloween’s stores.

Now this first shopping experience took place on my actual birthday to make it very memorable and quite unforgettable. A present from Mistress and Nina to their quite controlled feminized slave.


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  1. Mistress Samantha

    I just have to stress how very pleased and impressed I am with my dearest, most feminine, and perfectly submissive girl! Of course, I KNEW without a doubt that you would follow through on my “suggestion” for the assignment of making your Halloween shop fantasy real. That adventure was my birthday gift to Miss Prissy, and I was certain that Nina would help deliver the goods! Excellent work! I am beaming with pride over Nina’s grand display of empowerment. Mistress could not be happier…

  2. What wonderful perfect justice for Miss Prissy on her birthday she is taken shopping and has to try on her dresses.

    Nina has plans for Miss Prissy, Halloween is still days away.

  3. I guess finding useful, reliable inoframotin on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

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