Finding your Mistress

If you are a submissive male who doesn’t have a partner in life who is dominant then you either live with your fantasies or you seek to satisfy them with somebody else. The most obvious choices to me are to find a dominatrix in you area or seek other services. I happen to live in an area where there are ample choices of dominatrix’s that I can visit in real time. Yet. I choose to work with an online mistress. Why?

Going to visit or contact a dominant woman when I feel like it and then to do what I want is that real domination? Well, it is clearly a dominant/submissive role play and fantasy enactment but it is hardly domination unless it is the woman being dominated by the submissive. Yes, she may decide the fee, but it is the submissive who

    • Outlines the role play or activities.
    • Decides if and when he will see her.
    • Decides if and when he will return.
    • Decides if and when her performance was satisfactory.
    • Decides if and when she “earned” a gratuity.
    • Decides if and when to say something nice about her on a website or review.

Well for a true submissive that is slightly more exciting than reading a good dominant/submissive story, visiting a female domination website or watching a female domination video. I suspect that many submissive’s who find excitement with these things get bored and want to experience dominance/submission with a real woman. So they contact a dominatrix and find some relief but no real satisfaction. It doesn’t really make that much of a difference whether that domination is live or via phone or web-cam, it’s still not domination it’s a brief role play. You see the truth that really matters is are you serious and is your mistress serious.

That is where I will argue that for a serious, committed submissive who really wants to experience domination and submission, you must be in continual & frequent contact with your mistress. It cannot happen with infrequent contact. So now, which is the best channel for continual frequent contact with your mistress? If it an occasional visit or is it continual availability via email, IM, phone or web-cam?  I have found that not only do I need frequent contact but she is actually able to be much more dominant.  For example, if she tells you to call tomorrow, you will because you can always spend 5-10 mins with her whenever she decides it.  Many of the things start to change that cannot change with visits only.  You need to come to understand that you cannot be dominated and free until you have a mistress really controlling and deciding things for you.  That is why you are reading this blog because you seek that and need that.

I need to be keep as a woman’s slave and subject to what she decides for me. It cannot happen for me with just an occasional visit. I’m now her feminized slave girl and yes she possess and truly dominates me. I’m very much under her control and domination. I’m her personal property.

If you haven’t tried a mistress using an “electric” channel, are you missing something? It is a virtual world but my slavery to her is very real.

If you are a submissive, you should try it with a serious mistress. Of course, I know one that I’d recommend ( see my earlier post on contacting me if that interests you)


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