Please Mistress I beg you

My dearest Mistress,

Wearing silk panties and stockings is pure utter heaven for me. I love it so much ! In fact, it has been a substitute form of pleasing myself (instead of masturbating) for your girl also loves to be kept in denial as well as being kept in lace and silk. Your girl so, so wants to pleasure herself but she dare not for she knows her mistresses orders. So she had put on her chastity belt (girls are not caged they are chained into chastity belts). Your girl has now learned how to properly wear her chastity belt, nice, firm and tight. Sexual excitement now has a level of discomfort which makes it more exciting which continues the discomfort. Quite a self fulfilling circle.

You see, the whole concept of her pleasuring herself was just a distraction. For she never again will be allowed to pleasure herself, if any submissive pleasures are to ever be allowed again for her, they can only be granted from the mistress who now owns and controls her. The only path for her from now on is to tell her mistress how much she wants it, to ask her if she will allow it, to beg her mistress for it, to plead her mistress for it and to do whatever mistress requires of her to obtain it.

Let all the world see my begging and pleading Mistress.

Please, please, please Mistress. I’m on my knees, kissing your feet, I beg and plead with you to let me lift your skirt and reach up and touch your long cock. Let me slowly caress it, stroke it, worship it with a passionate licking before I take it deep into my mouth to suck and suck it. Your girl needs to worship your cock, you have already defined that she is to be your cock slave. But your girl has yet to properly beg her mistress to teach her to be her cock slave. I beg and plead with you Mistress to turn me into your cock slave, I need Mistresses cock.

Please, please, please Mistress. I’m lying fully face down on the floor licking the soles of your shoes/boots. I beg and plead with you to allow me to slip on a condom and CUM. I beg you to let me wear a condom so that not one drop is lost. Please, please, please let me indulge myself and insert my finger into the condom spreading the cum over my lips and licking it off time and time again before I proceed to take several doses of larger amounts into my mouth to suck it, savior it and swallow it. The smaller the dose, the longer I suck and savior it to be a measure of my desire to be submissive to Mistress. Then allow me to suck the inside of the condom until it is perfectly clean. Please let me be your cum slave Mistress.

Please, please, please Mistress. Let me use my prostrate toy and let me buy a strap on. Teach me that girls cum only with strap-on’s up their ass. I need Mistresses thick cock pumped deep into my ass and to be slowly thoroughly ass fucked before I come into my condom. I know this will take time, please mistress start me on my transformation to only have submissive sexual pleasure as a result of my anal orgasm’s. Please let me be your ass slave Mistress.

Oh yes, my mistress, I so need full complete submissive sex training from you. I’m desperate for it. However, I also know that denial of these things are fundamental to my growth as your submissive and ultimate transition to full complete slavery to you. I know I need to be totally humbled by you as part of my complete total surrender to your power, dominance, control, and superiority over me. I grow more helpless to you as each day passes.

Your slave girl


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