2010 year in review – the year I became a girl

Note to readers; I replaced an old little read posting because I want Mistress Samantha’s New Year posting more prominent and easier to find.   This was replaced on 1/1/2011

In 2010, I became a woman’s slave. I’m Mistress Samantha’s personal possession now. I shall not share with you every detail but one of things she has in possession is a statement I voluntarily did for her. Yes, it was all my idea. Its a video clip of me, dressed extremely feminine from head toe, confirming my slavery to her. To make sure there is no doubt who is making the statement, my curly blonde wig is off and resting on my shoulder. Yes, there could never be any visual doubt who this is in video clip but to make it impossible my statement includes my full real male name. Yes, my slavery to Mistress Samantha and her ownership of me is quite real.

Many submissive’s, like me, have fantasize about forced Feminization. Let me publicly to you there is something far more powerful that a dominant woman may do with you. She may decide that you should be turned into a girl. Yes, Mistress Samantha has unleashed desires within me that are so strong, I can no longer resist my Feminization desires. I’m quite helpless to resist my my desires to wear a lacy bra, a corset with sheer stockings, or my lipstick, mascara and eye shadow. So, now I wear silk, lace panties all the time now (twenty four hours a day, every day), as well as sheer pantyhose at least eight hours a day, and then dress fully every week ( panties, corset, bra, stockings, high heels, dresses, makeup and wig). I own a lot of different makeup, four sets of high heels, four wigs, at least 5-6 bras, dozens of sets of panty hose, stockings, several corsets & waist cinchers, a few nightgowns and at least 7 dresses. I love to do my nails in pretty pink nail polish. I think of myself as a girl and have fully embrace my name which is now Nina.  My chrome browser always brings up my favorite websites; Victoria’s Secret, Fredericks, Secrets in Lace, Maid store, stocking girl, Sandra’s lingerie, and whatkatiedidus(for retro).  However, I do prefer to personally shop for my clothes.  D o you have doubts that I’ve been turned into a girl by Mistress Samantha?

Now what about my cock and balls? Well to start, my genitals are now kept fully, completely hairless. I shave there several times a week. I think of it as my shaved “pussy” because I no longer have a cock and balls. Oh, I may physically have them but let’s be clear, these are now Mistress Samantha’s cock & balls.  They are not mine and never will be mine again. I’m no longer allowed to even touch them anymore without her permission which makes perfect sense because they are hers and hers alone. Oh and just for the record the spanking included the cock and balls not just my ass. Mistress has been quite public in letting all that direct that she intends on using them for CBT (stay tuned in 2011).

So how do I now want to play. I want to see Mistresses large dildo peaking out from her skirt (as she writes), so that I may kneel before her, honor/worship/adore by touching, caressing, kissing, licking, and sucking mistresses large dildo. I want to run my long pointy pink nail polish up/down her dildo, running my pink or red coated lips up/down her “cock”. I want to be turned into her “cock” slave.

That leads us to my ass which I shall now refer to as my “pussy”. Yes, I want that filled with Mistress Samantha’s long, thick dildo and to be thoroughly and deeply taken by her. I want that to my only way to achieve an orgasm deepening even further my psychological transformation as a girl. If the cock that mistress now owns does have an orgasm, well that could be rather useful for future reenforcing of her girl orally.

Yes in 2010 I became Mistresses girly girl, in 2011 we shall greatly deepen that journey into femininity. I love being a girl.


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