Being punished by Mistress

On 6/1 I was turned into a girl by Mistress and became a slave to her. Between 6/1 and 8/18, she considered me a model of somebody who was living a balanced life. Well, on 8/19-8/21 I went back to my old ways. Now Mistress have warned me that this would occur, I needed to be prepared and focused to dealing with. Did I listen ? Well, I heard the words but I hardly listened for I didn’t handle it properly. In fact, in not following mistress advice I showed disrespect to her and all the work she put in. I publicly apologize to Mistress. Well, the girl that she freed in me is very, very real and after she mentally freed herself again on 8/22, it all got reported to Mistress by her. Specifically I was found guilty of the following items

1.  Resisting feminization & being a girl

2.  Violating implied contract with Mistress

3.  Undermining submissive training

4.  Failure to accept responsibility

5.  Blocking girls mental thoughts

6.  Stroking without permission

7.  Cross-dressing fiction website access without permission

8.  Female domination website without permission

9.  Another mistress website and email(not sent) to her without permission

10. Misbehavior and disrespectful attitude towards wife/kids

11. Contemplation of violating place of servitude to women

Well, the consequences from Mistress have been that I being significantly punished by her. I would have considered the term severely punished but having read the binding, non-cancellable contract that Mistress has prepared, I should label the punishment as significant because any future actions will certainty be severe. I so love my mistress. She has balanced this being my first occasion with my prior good behavior in deciding the terms of my punishment which are significant and substantial but not severe while establishing that if I ever make a mistake again, they will be very, very severe.

So what was my punishment?

  • I paid significant financial fines. In general, the fine were determined by the significance of the consequence, times the number of days. This was much larger than I expected but is small in comparison to future fines. If I were to be ever foolish enough to repeat these actions, the established fines will be a minimum of 3-4 times (for each offense and day) than the already large fine imposed.
  • I have several essays to write for her approval; what I have to learn from the girl within me, a confession and pledge for mistresses blog and why sadistic degradation is inappropriate in feminine submission.
  • I will be caged in my pink chastity cock cage for a period of 3 consecutive weeks ( Mistress is allowing me to remove it during work). During each week, I must watch a video that mistress selects 3 times (for a total of 9 times) so that I’m highly sexually stimulated while caged.
  • I’m to wear silk panties 24×7 for 31 consecutive days (this time work is not excluded)
  • I’m to perform 31 special acts of consideration for my wife
  • I’m required to purchase a slave ring similar to what O was required to wear in the story of O which I’m now required to carry at all times (I do not have to visibility wear for the world to see). I will select and purchase Mistresses corresponding jewelry signifying her power over me.
  • I will select a buy a gift for my wife that she would not purchase for herself

I deserved all of this and publicly thank mistress for her punishing me.


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