Meeting Mistress

I meet mistress about 4-5 months ago.  She seemed to have a very special insight into cross dressing and actually wanted to establish an understanding of me and a relationship.

Once she understood me, she told me she was going to turn me into her feminine girly girl.   Did I believe her?  Of course not, but it made for a nice fantasy to think about.  How could a woman online do that to me?  Not possible.

I’ve been cross dressing my entire life since I was 10-12 years old.  I kept that side of me locked up and only my wife knew of that.  She tried playing that way but didn’t enjoy it.  So I kept that side of me tightly bound, gagged and locked away.  “She” was a total prisoner unless I felt the need to let her come and play (mentally or physically) to relieve stresses and pressures for me.

After working with mistress for about 2+ months, my wife’s acceptance of my playing online,and those desires deep inside me,  it happened on June 1st.  I realized that inside of me is a very feminine girl.  She was free within me and has been for every single day since then.  Just one night, she got very quite and seemed to be gone.  I begged her to come back.  Yes, I now need that girl free and with me at all times.

So yes, inside of me is a girl who loves to dress and think quite feminine.  She may be 40% of me or 60% of me, it doesn’t matter( probably more than 50% if you have to know).   Funny(healthy) thing my association with embarrassment and humiliation was no longer tied to feminization.  It absolutely exists but it’s part of my submissive side

So I dress as a girl because I like to dress as a girl.  Yes, I LOVE to dress this way.

I’m a submissive (partly the male side) because I want to be spanked, tied up, or disciplined.  It’s fun.

Embarrassment, control, and helplessness, it’s all part of being a slave to another and also exciting.

So yes, mistress has turned me into her very feminine, girly, girl.

I’m a lucky happy girl.


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