The fire burns….and can no longer be controlled

I have been on fire for the last 5 weeks.  I tried to control the fire today.   See caption and the poll underneath the caption for your feedback.

Stevie learns one more time that he will kept as a cross dressed feminized slave forever. He can no longer resist his desire to dress as a girl and be dominated. Stevie has been turned into a girl. Look at you Stevie. You scoffed to yourself when Mistress told you she was going to turn you into a girl. Four years in panties and stockings and all you can think of is can I wear a skirt, dress, or my lipstick tonight. You a now a feminized mindless submissive who cannot help herself, who cannot resist, whose mind and will is under our full complete control. You are a pet, a possession, our property, our submissive. A well trained kitten, who obediently puts on her pink rhinestone collar and leash at our command. We have you on display for all to see and laugh at you. You are such a girly girl - Stevie

Stevie learns one more time that he will kept as a cross dressed feminized slave forever. He can no longer resist his desire to dress as a girl and be dominated. Stevie has been turned into a girl. Look at you Stevie. You scoffed to yourself when Mistress told you she was going to turn you into a girl. Four years in panties and stockings and all you can think of is can I wear a skirt, dress, or my lipstick tonight. You a now a feminized mindless submissive who cannot help herself, who cannot resist, whose mind and will is under our full complete control. You are a pet, a possession, our property, our submissive. A well trained kitten, who obediently puts on her pink rhinestone collar and leash at our command. We have you on display for all to see and laugh at you. You are such a girly girl – Stevie



Four years have passed – It’a an anniversary month

Feminized male who will be kept this way – FOREVER

Four years ago this month, I was punished and had to wear panties and pantyhose on a 24 hours a day and 7 days a week basis for a period of time.  After the punishment period, I was given a choice.  I could take them off or leave them on.  However, if I left them on, I would have to wear them all the time from now on.  Permission would be required to remove them.  Not only did I choose to keep them on, I begged Mistress to let me keep wearing them. I pleaded with her for  the privilege of being kept in panties and stockings all the time – knowing the rules before I did so.   I wanted to show her how strong my commitment, devotion, passion, and desire had become to continue my training by her.  My power to control being feminized was laid at Mistresses feet.  

So in the last four years, how many times have I asked to remove them?  Zero.  I cannot stop dressing in them – my desires and needs are too powerful and no longer controllable by me.  Of course, permission was never going to be given by Mistress anyway.  That is just understood and doesn’t need to be re-stated.  

My wife knows and fully expects me to be dressed in panties and stockings.  When my wife sees my behavior stating to deviate from its desired state, she will tell me it’s time to meet with Samantha.  Off to your room, anywhere from 30-60 minutes early before your meeting to get dressed and if Samantha decides to be spanked by her.  My wife, will check my face in the morning to make sure no traces of lipstick, eye shadow, or mascara remain before I go to work.  Although my wife doesn’t like to personally do this, she loves the results of having  Samantha do this to her husband. 

Now look at me in Sept 2014, unable to resist sleeping in my pretty pink Victoria Secret bra and nightgown with matching pink panties, sheer pantyhose.  Bracelet adorning my wrist with plum lipstick and lip gloss.  Of  course, with my lovely silicon breast forms.  

The girl inside and mistress rules but not how you may think. 

It is never by force.  They rule by knowing my inner desires and how to make me so excited I must dress immediately as a sexy pretty girl. OH…OH..OH…I cannot resist or stop.

Today the lacy Victoria’s Secret bra I am wearing in these pictures will stay on all day as well as my panties and stockings under my clothes.  I cannot bear to take the pretty lacy bra off – I love wearing bra’s – especially lacy padded bra’s.  Oh it may not show under my polo shirt but it feels so, so, so GOOD to be shopping dressed this way underneath.  

A fitting reminder on a four year anniversary month.  


cannot resist dressing this way

I cannot resist being feminized. I love sleeping in panties, bra, stockings, nightgown and lipstick

if you can resist the urge, then can you explain a few things?



So you think you can resist dressing this way, the next time?  You cannot.  Ask yourself these questions.

  • Why do you think about doing this so often?
  • Why are you reading this blog?
  • Why are you wearing or wishing you were wearing silky lacy  panties right now?
  • Why could you not resist dressing in female attire the last time that you did?
  • Why does your biological sex organ from becoming stiff as a board and rock hard just thinking about this? 

Well this side of you, this special excitement, this desire is not going away.  You cannot control it, stop it or make it go away. It’s been that way since you were a young boy.  You know that’s the truth you try to hide. 



Yes the desire to do this is deeply ingrained in you.  It may be suppressed for a period of time but it never goes away. Nobody changes their sexual desires and attractions.  Everybody manages them.  Denial, suppression does not work.  It will fail just like it has every other time in your past.  

It is time for you to understand, SHE is going to have HER way with you.  Whether you want to or not. You are going to be dressed as a pretty girl, time and time again.  You cannot resist or stop her. The girl inside of you – she has you in her powerful grip She always has had you in her grip and she always will.   

Time for you to be a well behaved girl.  Put on your panties, stockings, dress, and high heels NOW.  She has decided it is time for you to dress again.  You know it is.  That’s why you’re reading this blog.  The desire is building again, it will soon be too powerful to resist and you cannot stop it. 


This is your inescapable fate, relax and get dressed.   Fight and resist if you must.  But she is going to put your back in panties, stockings, dress and high heels again.  It will happen shorty whether you try and resist or not.  She always wins and deep down inside you know it.  So be a good girl and put your pretty feminine clothes on right now. 


Did you wear Mommy’s panties, stockings, bra’s, high heels or dresses?

I would bet you did.  After all, you started to wear woman’s clothing when you were 13 or 14 years old.  There is no denying it – you started to dress like a girl when you first became aware of sexual desires.  It has always turned you on from the very beginning up until today.  You cannot resist it – that’s why you are reading this blog right now.  You cannot hide or escape your desires.  

Mommy’s clothes – do they have a special attraction for you?  Perhaps you started with your sisters clothes. Whose clothes did you start with?  Mommy’s or your sisters?  

  • Did you want Mommy to catch you and make you stay dressed as she caught you?  
  • Did you want Mommy to lift your skirt and spank you?
  • Did you want Mommy to display you dressed as a girl in front of others?

I will bet at least one of the above.  For me it is all three.

Time for you to publicly confess how. when, and whose clothes you started with by answering with a comment.   

The assumption that I’m a Sissy

Oh how I hate that term and that assumption.  Let me be clear, I do not criticize again who has a desire to be a “sissy”.  I do dislike the assumption I must be a “sissy” or want to suck a male cock.  To both I say UGH, UGH, UGH, and more UGH.  

Yes, I been dressing from head to toe in girl’s clothes since I was 12 or 13 years old.  It is a huge sexual turn-on.  HUGE, HUGE, HUGE.  Just hold up a pair of panties, bra’s or high heels in front of me and it’s a tormenting sexual tease.  Yes, I want to wear them with stockings, dresses, wigs, and high heels.  I want to wear them in front of other woman.   I want to be dominated, disciplined, and under the control of woman who know.  Yes – ladies if you know I’m wear panties and stockings – you have me already under your domination and control.  I love to be given orders. I’d love to be humiliated, embarrassed, disciplined and punished by you.  I want to be your slave girl, your very personal maid, your little lesbian play-toy. Let’s take my biological sexual item and cage it nice and small so we can play as we should. 

Behaving as a Sissy?  Definitely not my style.  A male cock?  Ugh – not of any interest to me at all.  My style has always been all girl-all the time.  I know of no female dressed in sexy clothes who behaves as a “sissy”, I have no interest either.  

I write this because I feel other who share my interests feel pressured or obligated to be a Sissy. If they don’t they hear this crap that they are repressing it.  Same thing with associating their sexual desires with wanting to be with other males.  That is all somebody’s propaganda and nonsense.  Your desires are your desires and you don’t need to feel pressured to be somebody you are not.

I’m “all girl-all the time” and LOL….much more submissive to females than their wildest imagination.  I am who I am.  You should be who you are.  Guess who understands this very well?  Well – Mistress Samantha of course

Mistress’ Feminine Submissive Is a Crossdressing Role Model

Nina Paige: Taking Feminization to New Heights

Nina-05Oh, my darling Nina Paige… She and I have gone such a long way together since we met, and she has progressed by leaps and bounds in the degree of openness, acceptance, embracing, exploration, and evolution that her femininity has experienced. This is one feminization Mistress who couldn’t possibly be any more pleased, proud or satisfied with the progress my fully feminized slave girl has made over these past several years.

She has latched on to her feminine self and soul with an immense and unmatched ferocity, passion, and desire like that of which I have rarely seen in my years of working with lifestyle crossdressers and feminization enthusiasts, and she reinforces my own dedication to assessing, mentoring, educating, leading, and supporting those individuals in need of a hand to hold and an ear to bend along their journey to fully and completely experience themselves in the glory of their fullest femininity.

Together, Miss Paige and I have accomplished what she once deemed to be the impossible – and, after 3-1/2 years, we are still only getting started…

Feminization, Submission, and Crossdressing… Seriously…

Whether you are new to reading about my wonderfully obedient feminine submissive or you’ve already discovered some of the secrets of Nina Paige, Princess Barbie, Little Stephen, and/or my baby girl, the meaning, depth, intensity, and commitment of both my feminine submissive and I should be readily apparent. If you have not yet discovered this fact for yourself, let me vehemently put THE primary fact out there:

Our feminization work, projects, plans, goals, and experiences are NO GAME. Both Nina Paige and I take this endeavor into the world of femininity in all of it glory and along all of its avenues with the greatest of seriousness and dedication. It is serious. It is constant. It is ongoing. It is real. PERIOD.

Wardrobe, Hair, Make-Up – and So Much More

“Is being feminine (and submissive) all about panties, bras, stockings (or pantyhose), pretty dresses, petticoats, heels, hair, nails, make-up, and all things pink?”

Well, while each of those components certainly has their place in the world and experience of feminization, crossdressing, and domination by one’s Mistress, they are only individual pieces of the huge physical and psychological pie that is a journey into the heart and soul of femininity. In addition to those things, let’s not forget about the way in which you walk and talk, your background and history, your mannerisms and demeanor, your individual mindset and attitude, and your subjective physical, emotional, mental, and sexual experience throughout the process. Your experience of feminization is as unique, special, and remarkable as are you as an individual.

That said, this Mistress does NOT believe in a one-size-fits-all experience of feminization, crossdressing or submission. This is a very subjective, intimate, and individually tailored trek into who you are on a profound level, and anything and everything generic, random, arbitrary or common has no place in (y)our world; therefore, they will be forbidden and left by the wayside.

Even if your feminization desires are centered around adjuncts, such as humiliation or submission, feminization is STILL YOUR experience, and it should contain those elements, dynamics, and components that make the most of your expressions, explorations, and the entire en femme endeavor.

Feminization Made-to-Order

What are the pieces of your individual feminization puzzle? In a perfect world, how do you see your feminine experience unfolding? What dynamics need to be in place for you to have a full and complete experience that is true to your ideas on, feelings about, and goals of feminization?

Female domination, discipline & control for all to see – A new chapter begins

Mistress has decided and instructed me to tell all of you about my last few meetings with her. Documented for all to read and see.

Am I’m embarrassed and ashamed to?  Very.  In fact mortified is a better word. 

If you are a new reader of this blog, let me make something clear to you.  I’m completely enslaved to Mistress Samantha.  I’m her personal property and possession.  I’m under her complete female domination, control, and discipline at all times.  I cannot say No to Mistress.  Everything she tells me, suggests or decides must be done without question, resistance or hesitation  All of this is done in a very 21st century way – via phone, via webcam, via instant messenger, via text messages and via email.  

  • Over 3 1/2 years ago, Mistress told me to shave the cock/balls – I was required to be totally hairless.  I told her NEVER.  The cock/balls have been totally hairless for 3+ years.  They will be kept hairless forever.  I must have her cock/balls thoroughly shaved at all times. 
  •  Over 3 years ago, Mistress decided that I would be wearing panties & stockings every day (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) for several months.  I have never removed them.  I will never be allowed to remove them.  I have been in silk lace panties and sheer stockings/pantyhose every day since.  

I’m her slave girl.  Yes she has turned me into a girl – total complete psychological control over me. Yes – all girl all the time now.  Unlike some (or much) that you read or see on the internet – that doesn’t mean attractions to male sexual organs.  Quite the opposite, my attraction to the female organs is EVEN stronger as a girl.  “Pussy” obsessed ?  Absolutely.  All girl – all the time.   Think the  “L” word because I am decidedly so.  

Now – some of our last meetings. A combination of different forms of discipline, control, and domination.  You see, Mistress has decided that I’m to be turned in her adult baby also.  Her baby girl and little boy being punished by Mommy.  Mommy’s little boy doesn’t get to wear a wig (at least not for long).  He is to dressed head-toe except the hair.  Punishment is more effective when you cannot mistake her little boy is dressed from head to toe as a girl.   Yes I’m mommy’s baby and little boy whenever she decides I will be.  Not only did she turn me into her baby, my pictures, video clips, and blog was shared with other adult females.  

Three weeks ago, Mommy wanted me to buy baby food ( strained peas, & bananas ), baby pacifiers  and a baby bottle.  I was dressed from head to toe in my pink Baby Bows dress from  


Yes dressed from head to toe in my pink baby bows dress sucking my pretty pink pacifier. You see Mommy’s control over me is even more powerful than Mistresses.  Mommy has complete total unconditional control.  Everything must be told to Mommy. Mommy’s control is all powerful — impossible to resist for even 1 split second.  Yes – I’m now her adult baby girl or disciplined little boy.  Mommy has me totally, powerfully, completely, helplessly in her grip.  When the time came to feed me my baby food, Mommy had me spoon the baby food into a bowl.   Then to my utter shock, I was told to lift my dress, drop my panties, and my stockings.  I was completely mortified when Mommy told me I had to cum into the bowl of peas.  I ejaculated a full amount in my bowl of baby food, mixed it and then proceeded to be spoon fed every drop of my cum soaked baby jar of peas from the bowl.  What I later learned was that Mommy had filmed the entire episode.   Yes – it is all on video – mommy’s feeding her baby.

On next meeting was a little different.  Fully attired as her pretty, sexy girl in a tight black mini-dress from Fredericks of Hollywood with my long flowing blonde wig.   Ah but I wasn’t going to escape more cum punishment.  This time I had to cum in the bowl and apply it to my face and lips. Letting it dry on.  I felt sick to my stomach as it dried on my face.

Our last meeting was the worse of all.  Dressed in a white satin bow blouse, a black pencil mini-skirt, super high 6 1/2″ black high heels ( non platform), black stockings, and my hair styled in a bun which had been done at Hair Craft salon by M.  ( for new readers – yes with me in the chair wearing it).  Mistress required me to cum into my hands, and lick every drop of cum from my hands but while I was doing this her cock was required to be fully submerged in a bowl of freezing ICE and ICE water.  I screamed and begged for Mistress to let me take her cock out of the freezing bowl but she would not.  Oh – I shutter at just thinking about it again.  Sick to my stomach licking the cum off the fingers while her cock was totally frozen.  Ultimately, I was broken to tears before Mistress allowed me to remove her cock from its frozen prison.

We have entered a new stage, one where I’m being taught to totally hate the way I used to cum. Pavlov’s dog.  Yes – when I used to cum, my feminine desires were then tormented, suppressed, controlled and locked into a cage.  These desires used to serve my cock.  Now I stay dressed as the girl I am afterwards.  Cumming the old way is to be severe punishment. Something not to be desired, but to be truly feared, disliked, and despised.  

The only acceptable, pleasurable way to cum will be with a PINK vibrator or a dildo thrust in.out of  my ass until I cum.  I am a slave girl and I will cum as one whenever mistress or mommy decides that I’m to be rewarded.  The old way will be used to punish, degrade, discipline and make the practice totally hated.

Trust me, I hate and despise the old way already.