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Will I be punished by Samantha’s mother ?

In the context of this entry since it is primarily about Samantha and her mother, I felt the use of the term mistress detracts from the reality of the situation.

Samantha decided quite awhile ago that I had progressed so well that she was going to tell her mother all about me.  Her mother was quite fascinated by the story.  Her daughters married client, so feminized now, that she cannot bear to take off her silky panties, sheer pantyhose, and who now keeps her toenails polished 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.. 

Oh, much more was revealed to her mother.  At her daughters beck and call.  Her daughters personal Barbie Doll who is dressed from head to toe whenever Samantha decides to.

This interested, and amused her mother greatly.  Her mother learned of my being her daughters Barbie Doll  and Samantha’s very submissive pet.  One who crave being disciplined, punishment and under her daughters complete control.

As Samantha’s submissive pet evolved, “his” mothers deep profound influence on “his” desires became very evident to Samantha.   Samantha’s girl, her barbie doll, her submissive pet still regretted mommy not properly training her. So Samantha’s decided that Mommy’s little boy was going to get thoroughly trained by Mommy.    Mommy’s little boy was getting to confess everything to Mommy so that Mommy could intensely train her  Princess.

Last week, Mommy decided that I needed a reminder.  I was required to pose for pictures, the exact words coming from Mommy on the 1st slide.  I hung the required sign off my pretty pink posture bondage collar (focus on the neck – it is quite shade of pale pink).  The second sign I created.  I am begging mommy for all to see that I want her to psychologically, emotionally, intellectually,  and spiritually turn me into her Daughter.

 unnamedWell, Samantha’s mother got a huge kick out of this.  She loved all the photo’s, the signs and my addition.  Samantha and her mother shared boisterous laughter at my situation.  But then her mother asked Samantha when I can I see her pageant performance?  Yes I committed a long long tine ago to record a pageant performance for Mommy suitable for my performance in a woman-less beauty contest but I have yet to do that.  Her mother was quite disappointed.  Samantha let me know that I would be punished for this.  Lack of commitment, devotion, attention, focus, drive and energy was not acceptable.   PLUS her mother is not to be disappointed.  Samantha went on to inform me that her mother intends to decide the how, where, when, and intensity of my punishment.  Whatever her mother decides,  I will have no choice, no options, and no say in the matter whatsoever and must obey completely and totally. This blog entry is my posted public commitment to her mother to obey her completely and unconditionally accepting any punishment she finds amusing, entertaining or desirable no matter what her mother decides.

In reviewing, my pictures Samantha’s mother observed she wanted to see me in a wig with my waist cinched wearing the pink dress.  Here is a photo a month or so ago attired as she desired to see me.

20150829_132845-1 (2)

 This is my new pretty pink dress, the one I personally picked out in FOREVER 21 store.  I slipped in my bra, panties, black pantyhose, waist clincher, and ankle bracelets a few months ago under my work clothes.  Not only do I pick out my dresses personally but now I ask Mistress Samantha or Mommy to review my choice from the stores try-on room.  Oh yes, no secrets from the girls who work in the store.  No hiding, no pretending – no the store staff is to know that I am wearing the clothes.  You can see my bra underneath my dress in the store.

20150506_201737 (2)Will Samantha or her mother change their minds?  Samantha instructed me to post the blog entry.  Time will tell

if you can resist the urge, then can you explain a few things?



So you think you can resist dressing this way, the next time?  You cannot.  Ask yourself these questions.

  • Why do you think about doing this so often?
  • Why are you reading this blog?
  • Why are you wearing or wishing you were wearing silky lacy  panties right now?
  • Why could you not resist dressing in female attire the last time that you did?
  • Why does your biological sex organ from becoming stiff as a board and rock hard just thinking about this? 

Well this side of you, this special excitement, this desire is not going away.  You cannot control it, stop it or make it go away. It’s been that way since you were a young boy.  You know that’s the truth you try to hide. 



Yes the desire to do this is deeply ingrained in you.  It may be suppressed for a period of time but it never goes away. Nobody changes their sexual desires and attractions.  Everybody manages them.  Denial, suppression does not work.  It will fail just like it has every other time in your past.  

It is time for you to understand, SHE is going to have HER way with you.  Whether you want to or not. You are going to be dressed as a pretty girl, time and time again.  You cannot resist or stop her. The girl inside of you – she has you in her powerful grip She always has had you in her grip and she always will.   

Time for you to be a well behaved girl.  Put on your panties, stockings, dress, and high heels NOW.  She has decided it is time for you to dress again.  You know it is.  That’s why you’re reading this blog.  The desire is building again, it will soon be too powerful to resist and you cannot stop it. 


This is your inescapable fate, relax and get dressed.   Fight and resist if you must.  But she is going to put your back in panties, stockings, dress and high heels again.  It will happen shorty whether you try and resist or not.  She always wins and deep down inside you know it.  So be a good girl and put your pretty feminine clothes on right now. 



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