Feminization Chat Room Etiquette for Tonight (11/7)

Feminization Chat Room With Mistress Samantha

General Information

While our scheduled chat will be very relaxed and informal -conducted as a bit of a “test” chat room run and get-to-know-you gathering- I do have some behavioral expectations of those who join us in the room, as I learned a long time ago that laying out ground rules for some is an absolute necessity in order to avoid conflict (between attendees) and/or disruption, prevent accidental and intentional slighting of others, and maintain a general sense of order.

I want this experience to be maximized for and enjoyed by all those in attendance.

That said, it is imperative to know that you are NOT obligated to engage. I know some individuals -whether feminization novices, all-around private people, those who are naturally shy, and others)- need some time and space to feel comfortable enough to interact “publicly,” as it were. There is nothing wrong with this, and -while I may encourage those who are quiet and reserved- you will NOT be pressured by anyone to be actively involved.

Chat Room Protocol

Manners Are a Must!Virtual and Phone Feminization Mistress Samantha

Being a very well-bred Southern woman, manners are of exceptional importance to me, and I expect everyone in attendance to exhibit far more than a modicum of good manners and respectable behavior. This applies to your interactions with me, Nina Paige, and everyone else in attendance.

(Failing to heed a warning to use your manners will get you bounced from the room and/or blocked.)

Entering and Exiting the Feminization Chat Room

You need not feel that you cannot join the room if you are not there at the beginning of the chat. You have an open invitation to come and go as you like or need. All I ask it that you don’t make a disruptive “grand entrance” or exit, so as to detract from the experience of others and any discussion that may be occurring at the time. Comings and goings need not be dramatic or monumental.

Sharing in the Chat Room

Questions and Comments

Respect and manners… Period.

The purpose of this chat is to be substantive, educational, supportive, and entertaining for all. That means this is not a forum for raunchiness, attention-whoring  or other verbal disruptions. It also is not intended to be some sort of wank-off session. Any and all comments or questions that pertain to sexuality or sexual matters ARE within boundaries but need to be tastefully presented.

Impertinently explicit language and topics will find you being struck by my swift and stern verbal riding crop and lead to muting, bouncing, and/blocking.

Interaction With or Acknowledgement of Others in the Chat Room

Addressing Mistress

While I am not a stickler for titles, I do expect to be addressed with respect, manners, and courtesy. It really is that simple…

Addressing Nina PaigePhone Feminization Mistress Samantha

Make no mistake: Nina Paige is not on display for any other reason than she is my girl, submissive, pet, slave, and prime example of my handiwork. She is not there to be ogled by anyone who gets a thrill from visually assaulting and otherwise sexualizing crossdressers.

She is MY property and will be treated as such. She is MY plaything – and NO ONE elses!

While you may directly address Nina Paige, I expect you to remember that respect, manners, and courtesy are required.

I think Nina can certainly give you valuable insight into our experiences from her perspective as a fully -multi-faceted and rather complicated- feminized male submissive.

She is my masterpiece and a shining example of what can be possible and realized when you surrender to your feminine and submissive desires under the guidance, direction, and protection of a Dominant Woman who holds a genuine and vested personal interest in (your) feminization.

Addressing Other Attendees

As we have the potential of the the pool of attendees being a diverse one, I ask and expect that you respectfully treat each other as equals. Your relationship with femininity, points of fantasy and reality, feminine identification, and so forth may be very different than that of others; all differences WILL be respected.

The Video Platform…

While there is a video option in the chat room, its use will be a given for no one except Nina Paige, whose public display serves specific purposes within our particular dynamic.

That said, I may or may not allow others to appear on video, but such a privilege will be stringently monitored by myself and done so at my sole discretion. Should you be granted permission to show yourself, your best behavior will be expected and less than savory shenanigans will result in being excused from the room.

Dress Up Virtual and Phone Feminization Mistress SamanthaIf You Can!

I know that time and circumstance does not allow for everyone to get dressed whenever he/she would like. However, while I would love those who can do so to dress in a favorite ensemble before the chat, being dressed in NOT a prerequisite for attending that chat. You can come fully dressed, partially dressed, in make-up and/or only. or not femininely dressed at all.

However you may or may not be dressed, I look forward to seeing you tonight!

Virtual and Phone Feminization Mistress Samantha


Feminization Chat Is Scheduled!

Feminization Chat Room With Mistress Samantha


Our Previously Mentioned Feminization Chat Is Finally Going To Happen!

Your feminization femdom is back on the scene, and we now have a date scheduled for the maiden voyage of the feminization chatroom! We may have missed ushering in autumn with some girl time, but we can welcome the holiday season early!!

Our first chat will be held on Saturday, November 7th at 7:00pm CST at tinychat.com/xdressing. 

The illustrious feminized submissive Nina Paige will be present and serving as my right-hand girl, exemplary secretary, prized pet, and model submissive slave. You may join the chat at 7:00 or you can pop in at any time you like, as it will be an informal get-together with no set protocol, topic or layout, so… Whether you are a crossdresser, sissy, and/or transgender -and domination is or is not your cup of tea- there will be something for you!

Before you attempt to join, keep in mind that the room is password-protected, so you will need to enter the magic words in order to be able to join. The password needed to enter the room is “dressmeup”. (It will not be set to work until just before the chat is scheduled to begin and will be changed once the chat has concluded.)

Do keep in mind that I will be offering some special giveaways for some lucky individuals who attend!!

Virtual and Phone Feminization Mistress Samantha

Introducing Yourself Prior To The Chat

If you would like to introduce yourself beforehand Optional, not required), take a moment to fill out and submit the contact form below, e-mail me at fetishvixensam@aol.com or leave a message for me on Yahoo Instant Messenger (fetishvixensam).

Should you have any questions about the chat, you may contact me via e-mail or IM. You may confer with Miss Nina Paige IF you have had previous legitimate interaction with her in the past. If there is anything Miss Paige cannot answer for you, she will then direct you to me.

(It should be noted that you will be blocked from any and all communication with Nina if you contact her for anything other than serious and noble purposes – and that means NO dick pics, you irreverent and pathetic git!)

Regarding the Planning of Future Feminization Chat Events…

I realize that each chat, regardless of the day and time a chat is scheduled, will not be agreeable to everyone for a variety of reasons. However, I am curious to gather some input on days and times that might be the most in demand by those genuinely interested in attending a chat. While I may in the future gauge interest in planning feminization chats and events that will focus on a particular topic, I would like you to take a moment and give me your preferences in a general sense as far as your usual individual schedule is concerned. I am including the following poll for your input!

I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Virtual and Phone Femiization Mistress Samantha


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