First Feminization Chat Set To Ring In Autumn!

 thigh-high-boots-by-kane-200x300Kicking Off Fall With a Feminine Chat!

While a date has not yet been determined, my first feminization adventure in the chat-room will be in September. It will likely be a general discussion, as it will serve the dual purpose of being a get-together AND a trial run of the room. In any event, it will be fun, informative, and a chance for me to meet some of you, and I am very much looking forward to that!

(You will be invited to interact should you like -and should I grant you permission- but no one will be expected or pressured to be openly involved, as I am a firm believer in protecting your anonymity, confidentiality, and privacy – especially in a “public” setting.)

 Feminine “Door Prizes” To Be Awarded

For those who show up for the maiden voyage of the USS Mistress Samantha, there will be some surprises, which may include giveaway goodies such as a free session, discounted session, free customized audio recording or special feminization Mistress Samantha “entertainment package,” (all on the topic of your choice, of course!), a special “pink box” surprise (which contains hand-picked-by-Mistress items, like beauty, hair or bath products, as well as other items), and more!

This feminization professional knows how to take care of her boys and girls!

Ideas For Future ChatsVirtual and Phone Femdom Samantha

While there will certain be chats held with no specific topic or focus, where the discussion is allowed to go wherever it is driven in a completely organic fashion, I will certainly be planning for chats with a preset focal point. (Obviously, the intermingling of femdom and feminization will be a common staple, but there will be other issues, topics, and content that I will be bringing into our chat time – some as adjunct subjects, others as freestanding ones.)

To that end, I am curious to know where cursory interests lie regarding feminization, so I can form a plan for what I wish to discuss. Let me know your thoughts here…

I’m looking to our first chat (and, of course, using my perfect feminized male submissive pet, the lovely and supremely obedient Nina Paige as a model of what can be accomplished with honesty, openness, effort, obedience, hard work, and the direction and control of a Dominant Woman.

I will post the date in a future post as soon as I land on the magic day, and I will also be putting some rules in place (here for a constant reference, of course) that will enhance the seamless execution, enjoyment, and overall experience of our chat time!

Virtual Feminization Mistress Samantha





Join Us For Chatroom Feminization Discussions and Events!

Girl Time In the Chat Room!Feminization Phone Mistress Samantha

Being the perfect, incredibly thoughtful, and most efficient secretary (among all of the other roles she is) to me that she is, my most submissive executive assistant Nina Paige created a chat room for crossdressers and feminized male submissives, where we can gather and discuss all things feminization and domination.

While the chat room is not publicly listed and may or may not be conducted via invitation only, I am quite excited by the fact that the room offers text, voice, and video capabilities. This means the chat experience would be highly interactive and an excellent way to introduce yourself; ask me questions; see a “live demo” (as it were) of my feminized submissive handiwork, Nina Paige; sound off on particular topics of interest; and more!

Virtual Feminization Mistress SamanthaGeneral or Topic-Driven Feminization Chat-fests

I could see some chats being open and general in nature (like a feminization catch-all), while others may revolve around various topics (light to serious in nature) related to feminization, such as…

  • the significance of your early years on the crossdresser you have become today
  • your favorite item of clothing
  • ways to covertly express your femininity
  • crossdressers and transgender identities
  • applying make-up for day versus night; transsexual support, self-acceptance, and coping skills
  • dispelling crossdresser myths
  • choosing the wig that is right for you
  • expressing your sexuality when dressed
  • what it means to be bigender
  • so many more topics…

Femdom, Feminization, and Female Superiority Chats

These chats would be tailored to the interests of those who like to…Virtual and Phone Femdom Samantha

  • intermingle feminization (“forced” feminization, perfectly willing feminization or both)
  • feel domination exerted by a strong Woman
  • experiment with and experience the depths of their individual perception of submission
  • take submissive joy in erotic humiliation (from light to mild to more extreme and in various forms)
  • add a feminine behavioral component to their dressing and domination / submission adventures (i.e., ass play, oral dildo training, role-playing, etc.)
  • espouse the virtues of female superiority

Such chats may be general or zero in on particular facets of the femdom-feminization experience. I will field questions and address topics, while my submissive femme pet, Miss Paige, will be available to attest to her experiences with me for over half a decade now. (Let her be your role model, as she is truly an incredible virtual feminization and submissive success story!)

Stay tuned for updates and scheduling, as this IS going to happen! Who knows? I may give away a free session or other goodies during our initial chat even, so plan to join us!!


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